Manchester City Home Soccer Jersey 2013 - 2014Today is the kickoff of the 2014 2015 Premier League season, and online searches for cheap Premier League football shirts are expected to hit a high. Soccer fans are eagerly anticipating their teams 1st game, but many are struggling to afford the high cost of the newest football shirts. Last season's kit is now reduced in many online stores and the perfect compromise.

One of many cheap shirts now available at Soccer Box is the Manchester City home shirt 2013/14. This shirt is now reduced by 30% and makes a great alternative to the 2014 2015 design that is also available at full price. Other cheap football shirts still available include home kits for Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, not forgetting the array of last season's international football shirts that are also available.

Rising Costs

The cost of being a football fan has increased exponentially in recent years. As well as the rising cost of football shirts fans face increased costs for other merchandise, and match day tickets. Manchester City has spent millions on new players and needs to recoup their costs by making price increases for fans. As the cost of kit supply deals have increased in a blossoming football market, fans have also been hit with increased soccer shirt prices.

Many soccer fans have been hunting around for cheap Premier League football shirts. The new kits are difficult to find at a reduced cost but last season's shirt is readily available and a great alternative. Taking the Manchester City soccer kit for example, the old and new home shirts are both sky blue in color with navy trim and manufactured by Nike. There are cosmetic differences between the shirts, but both will show pride, loyalty and support for the team on match days.

With this is mind the Manchester City home shirt is perfect for the cost conscious soccer fan. Whichever Premier League team you support you are sure to find some low cost football gear for your favorite teams online. The home soccer shirts in particular are a great choice, as the colors and designs vary very little between seasons.

Premier League Fixtures

The Premier League is one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world; fans worldwide offer English football clubs their unwavering support and loyalty. The 2013/14 season was one of the most exciting in recent years, and the kits used in those matches will always serve as a reminder of the magnificent football displayed.

Today will see Manchester United put the struggles of last year behind them, as they take on Swansea in the 1st game of the 2014 2015 campaign. Last season's 4th place holders Arsenal will take on Crystal Palace this evening, and there will be five 3pm kickoffs in between.

Another consideration is that the Manchester City home shirt 2013/14 is a winning shirt. Manchester City finished in the top-spot and won the Premier League. Wearing this shirt for their 1st game tomorrow against Newcastle, and throughout the season, will be a poignant reminder of their success, and encouragement to retain that title during the 2014 2015 campaign.

With the cost burden in mind, if you haven't already ordered a brand new soccer jersey why not check out the cheap Premier League football shirts from last season that are still readily available. There is sure to be a fight to the very end again this season, and your favorite club will appreciate your show of support whether you are wearing a new or old football shirt.

The fight at the top of the Premier League table will be intense. Traditionally the top 4 has been Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Manchester City has edged in over recent years and manager Manuel Pelligrini is keen to retain the clubs position atop the table.

With Manchester United's mishap last season the top 4 were secure in their UEFA Champions League positions, this year the battle is on. Man Utd has to secure one of the top 4 spots under the terms of their kit agreement with Adidas. Manchester City is strong, powerful and unlikely to rescind easily. Arsenal and Chelsea have both made some smart new signings that will keep them in the game. Liverpool has sold it's best player Luis Suarez but the strength of manager Brendan Rodgers seems enough to retain the team's strong position.

With 4 UEFA Champions League spots and 5 dominant teams the 2014 2015 Premier League is set up for spectacular football, tension and excitement in abundance. Whichever team you support, shop for a football kit and get ready to cheer at every game.