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AC Milan's Chances in 2014 2015

If your search for cheap replica football kits leads you to AC Milan, know that this team is completely worthy of your fandom. The club will celebrate its 115th anniversary this coming season, and while AC Milan has struggled recently to be competitive in Italy's Serie A division, the team still has the second highest number of league titles (18) of any team in Serie A.

The AC Milan home jersey 2013 2014, while it's one of the most attractive sports jerseys you will see, unfortunately comes from one of Milan's more disappointing seasons in recent memory. Far from competing with league dominator, Juventus, for the division title, AC Milan fell all the way down to eighth place in the 2013 2014 season. With 16 wins, 9 draws, and 13 losses, AC Milan still finished the season with a respectable, winning record, but compared to the 33-3-2 record enjoyed by Juventus at the top of the table, AC Milan still has some work to do.

Not that AC Milan has exactly been experiencing a rough patch. On the contrary, the 2013 2014 season may well have been nothing more than a fluke. In both the 2012 2013 season and the 2011 2012 season, Milan secured a top-three finish in Serie A, and in 2010 2011, it was Milan atop the table (with 24 wins, 10 draws, and 4 losses), and Juventus struggling in the middle of the pack (7th place, with a record of 15-13-10).

If these statistics prove anything, it's that AC Milan can easily pull itself out of the hole it dug last season and put forth a strong performance in 2014 2015. After all, a year after Juventus finished in seventh place, the team was back at the top of the Serie A standings. Add the fact that Juventus put forth one of the strongest performances in the history of the Serie A division last year, and it's clear that nothing is impossible in Italy's unpredictable league.

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