However, many footballers would be just as fanatic of their teams if they had won as many titles as Liverpool in their past. They have won more European trophies than any other English team, which bites at the fans of Everton, being one of their top rivalries. Liverpool F.C. has won five European Cups, three UEFA Cups, and three UEFA Super Cups. Perhaps their lively fan base, dressed in attire like the Liverpool boys third jersey 11-12, makes a difference after all, and at Soccer Box we have everything you need to support them on their way to glory.

Cheap Liverpool Shirts

The Full Red

Liverpool is well known for their surprising kit, being completely red from head to toe. Their colors were not always like that, as they actually started out in a blue striped jersey. They quickly adopted the iconic red though, and have been with it ever since. The all red kit has been worn since 1964, when manager Bill Shankly decided that the team needed something shocking to intimidate the other team. Of course, the extreme skill that they show is more than enough to do that, but nevertheless the red has made a striking impression ever since.

Hence, the all red get up jerseys, shorts, and socks that the team now sports. It is important as fans to always look the part for the games, and with cheap soccer jerseys available it is easy for you to show your support for this fiery team! Made by Warrior, these jerseys are perfect for setting the tone at the next game.

While their home jerseys make a clear statement to the other teams, their away jerseys and third jerseys are no slouches either. They have been made in several different colors and designs in the past, but now their away jersey looks almost as menacing as their home with a white jersey and black shorts that both have red streaks running through them. Your son can also show support at games in the Liverpool boys third jersey 11-12, which has bright blue and black accents.

Liverpool and England

Liverpool notably has done a number on the competition in England and around Europe, and they have crushed the competition in the past. They are also one of the best supported teams around the world and have an incredibly large fan base that spans more than 200 officially recognized branches in over 30 countries. You'll Never Walk Alone is the team's anthem, a motto that also adorns the team's pre-2012 crest as a symbol above Shankly Gates, named in memory of their former manager.

Some of the Liverpool fans however, as well as Everton and Manchester United, will put away their differences to back the English national team in the World Cup this year in Brazil. Liverpool and Everton have had their differences, and the Merseyside Derby is seen to be one of the most ill tempered matches in the Premier League, but together they must stand to win out against the other formidable opponents for the World Cup title. You might still see some of the Liverpool boys third jerseys 11-12 about during the games though, to show support for the whole of England as well as Liverpool players.

In the Name of the Game

Even with their squabbles in the past, these fans are sure to come together for the enjoyment of the game in 2014 for the World Cup. To show your support of your team and your nation you should always be outfitted with the right gear. Soccer Box has all of the cheap liverpool shirts you need so all your family and friends can cheer on Liverpool and England!