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As is the case for many football fans, some of the most cherished childhood memories start with supporting your family's favorite team. Whether it was an outing with the family to a match, dressed to the nines to support the home team, or crowding around the TV with your loved ones wildly cheering your favorite team, the sport of football plays a big part in a great many of our lives. Why not relive those fond memories and start up the tradition again in your family?

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With a sport as popular as football, there are just bound to be tons of national, international, and league matches to catch with the family, like the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Soccer Box carries the brand new Brazil boys soccer kit by Nike, updated for the 2014 games. If you order now, you can get it just in time for your little fan's big day; the kickoff of the 2014 World cup!

Whether you're heading to Brazil to support your favorite national team, or just watching from home, the 2014 World Cup is bound to be full of surprises.  Introduce your family to your favorite pastime with a cook out to celebrate the biggest World Cup event yet. Good food, good company, and the roar of the crowd as your favorite team scores the winning goal… what's not to love?

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The kickoff day of the next FIFA World Cup is almost upon us and families across the globe are waiting eagerly to tune in to the biggest sporting event on the planet. In the meantime, you can keep the little ones occupied with kids football kits for their own mock FIFA games.