Chelsea Goalkeeper Shirt 2014 - 2015The 2013 2014 season was a strong one for Chelsea, with the football club ending up in third place in the English Premier League after a contentious season-long race with the eventual champions and runners-up of the division, Manchester City and Liverpool. However, while Chelsea may have trailed behind the top two teams in terms of wins and goals scored, the club also had the lowest numbers of goals conceded for the entire Premier League a fact that has made the Chelsea goalkeeper kit one of the stars of the Chelsea merchandise collection.

You can find various versions of the Chelsea goalkeeper jersey, including a Chelsea kids goalkeeper shirt 2014 2015, available online at the Soccer Box store. The kids jersey is a perfect fit for young fans of this storied football club, with a flaming orange color with a pattern in the upper half that makes it almost resemble a suit of armor. The shirt is being manufactured by Chelsea's normal clothing partner, Adidas, and will feature white striping on the sleeves as well as the usual Chelsea badge and Adidas logo on the breast.

Chelsea Goalkeeper Kit

The Legacy of Petr Cech

For years, the main wearer of the Chelsea goalkeeper kit has been Petr Cech. Cech has been a member of the Chelsea football club since 2004 and has made a jaw-dropping 326 appearances with the team since then. Of those 326 games, Cech has kept clean sheets during 220, making him statistically the greatest goalkeeper to ever take the soccer pitch at Stamford Bridge.

Last season, Cech was a big part of what kept Chelsea in the hunt for the Premier League title. Both Manchester City and Liverpool had more goal scoring voltage, netting 102 and 101 respective goals during the regular league season (Chelsea finished the season with 71). However, while the high-scoring nature of the two teams helped them to stronger records than Chelsea's and ultimately helped them top the Premier League Cech got the last laugh as the finest goalkeeper in the division.

Indeed, where Manchester City conceded 37 goals and Liverpool conceded 50, Chelsea only yielded 27 goals to Premier League competitors all season. Cech can be thanked for that impressive tally, and was arguably the team's most valuable player as a result. With a few more high scorers, Chelsea could have easily topped the table.

A New Goalkeeper?

Because of Cech's stunning performance last season, the Chelsea kids goalkeeper shirt 2014 2015 has understandably become a popular seller at Soccer Box. In most cases, fans want to show their support for forwards, wingers, and strikers, but Cech's sheer skill as a goalkeeper has brought him up to the same level of appreciation among football fans.

That appreciation is why it is so surprising that Chelsea is likely going to replace Cech in the upcoming season. Instead, it appears that Thibaut Courtois will be the starting player to don the Chelsea goalkeeper kit during the 2014 2015 season.

Courtois has been with Chelsea since 2011, but has been on loan to Atletico Madrid for the entirety of that time. There, he has had a lot of success, making 111 appearances in La Liga play alone, and 154 appearances with cup and continental matches added into the equation. Courtois has also built a reputation for himself as being almost like the Cech of the La Liga division: in the 2013 2014 season, he kept more clean sheets than any other La Liga goalkeeper, helping Atletico finish at the top of the table with just 26 goals allowed.

While Courtois likely won't have as much support as Cech would from fans in the Chelsea kids goalkeeper shirt 2014 2015, it is at least understandable why Chelsea is considering the change. Courtois has threatened to leave Chelsea if they keep him as a loan player, and since he is 10 years younger than Cech (22 versus 32), he likely has a longer career ahead of him. Cech, meanwhile, will be free to go play elsewhere, though he will undoubtedly be missed at Stamford Bridge.

Will you be happy to cheer on Courtois, or will you miss Cech? Either way, the Chelsea goalkeeper kit is a great way to show your respect for what has clearly become an outstanding defensive tradition at Chelsea.