"If it's not blue, it will be."

That's the bold slogan for the new campaign that Chelsea football club and Adidas are launching for the 2015 2016 season. According to the club's official website, the slogan reflects "players' determination to dominate domestic and European football." In other words, the Blues are seriously gunning for a treble victory this year-the English Premier League, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League-and the Chelsea home kit 2015 - 2016 is a big part of that ambitious new campaign.

Chelsea Jerseys

The New Home Shirt

If you know what Chelsea's home kits have looked like in the past, then you at least partially know what to expect from this new design. At least in recent years, the club's home shirts have all been the same vibrant blue color and have featured the three iconic Adidas stripes, in white, on the shoulders. The 2015 2016 home jersey is no exception, and will appeal to fans of the club's traditional jersey style as a result.

Not that the Chelsea home jersey 2015 2016 is identical to last year's design. The Samsung logo, featured so prominently on the 2014 2015 shirt, is replaced here with the logo of Chelsea's new official shirt partner, Yokohama Tyres. Part of Yokohama's logo is a red "Y," which adds a splash of extra color to a kit that has traditionally been exclusively blue and white. It makes for a nice change of pace.

Also changed for this year's home kit is the striping. The 2014 2015 Chelsea FC home jersey had a unique horizontal striping pattern that added a look of texture and depth to the jersey. For the 2015 2016 campaign, the Blues are using a vertical pinstripe pattern instead, giving the jersey an aesthetic that feels subconsciously more traditional and "classic" than last year's modern design.

Overall, the Chelsea home jersey 2015 2016 is an attractive football kit that fans of the reigning English champs will appreciate. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it will surely look great on the pitch this fall.

Other Kits

If it's "adventurous" that you want, look no further than Chelsea's 2015 2016 goalkeeper home kit. Where the 2014 2015 goalkeeper shirt was a reddish orange, this year's design is a cool mint green. It's a Chelsea Home Shirt 2015 - 2016great looking shirt that perfectly complements the blue jerseys that the rest of the soccer squad will be wearing.

The 2015 2016 away shirt is also a departure from last year's design, trading the loud yellow look of the 2014 2015 design for a white shirt with blue stripes on the shoulders and brim, and blue and red stripes on the sleeves. The third kit, finally, is a classic black shirt with light horizontal striping the recalls the look of the 2014 2015 home jersey.

Which of the 2015 2016 Blues kits do you like best? So far, at Soccer Box, we only have the 2014 2015 Chelsea home jersey, but the away shirt, the third jersey, and the goalkeeper kit should all be available within the next month or so. Keep an eye on our soccer store for new arrivals and additions!

A Disappointing Inaugural Match

After officially launching their new home jersey in Harlem, USA on Tuesday, July 21st, the Blues donned the kit the next day for their first match in the 2015 International Champions Cup (North America and Europe edition).

It wasn't the best inauguration for the shirt: despite being the heavy favorites, Chelsea lost 2-4 against the New York Red Bulls. Loic Remy and Eden Hazard both scored goals, with Remy scoring the first point of the match. But impressive performances from New York midfielders Sean Davis and Tyler Adams (the two scored three goals in the last 20 minutes of the match) left the Blues out cold.

The good news is that Chelsea bounced back in their next ICC match, beating Paris Saint Germain 6-5 in a penalty kick shootout. Could they turn things around and still win the international football tournament? Keep an eye on Soccer Box's social media accounts for new updates on the event-as well as new Chelsea kit arrivals at our store. We are active on multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.