The Premier League is one of the most highly anticipated soccer games in the UK where the top-flight clubs compete to achieve champions status at the end of the tournament. Also the top 4 teams go on to play in the Champions League along with worldwide squads which is why the Prem is so competitive.

As the 2018/19 tournament is in full swing, Chelsea and Liverpool are both in the top ranks at the moment. And considering their historic rivalry, this article will explore how each of them have been performing throughout the previous matches. And from here we can try to pinpoint which will fare best this season in their future fixtures and against one another.

Current Standings

After only five scheduled match days, Chelsea finds themselves at the top of the table after gaining an impressive 15 points across all of their fixtures. This in turn shot them up to first place in the rankings, however that could all change as their closest competitor Liverpool is nipping at their heels.

Chelsea V Liverpool LFC

Chelsea have not yet lost a Premier League match this season, and have defeated the likes of Huddersfield, Arsenal, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Cardiff City. Their highest score in a single match was against Cardiff City where they acquired 4 goals to 1. As well as this, they successfully prevented Bournemouth and Huddersfield from scoring a goal, but they have not always been this lucky. Arsenal was only 1 goal away from drawing and 2 away from winning against Chelsea during their fixture.

On the other hand, Liverpool has also had a very good success rate during the past few matches. Like Chelsea, LFC have won all of their fixtures so far, scoring high and achieving their win against Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester City, Brighton, Crystal Palace and West Ham. Their most successful match was against West Ham where they dominated the match and ended the game with a 4-0 win. They also prevented Crystal Palace and Brighton from scoring a goal, and therefore securing them an easy win. However, the closest results have been coincidently a 2-1 for both matches with Spurs and Leicester City.

Future Fixtures

Although both teams have done considerably well in the recent fixtures, there still are a number of matches scheduled for each of the clubs, including the ones against one another. These games will help us identify further which of these are the strongest clubs in the league as we eventually watch the teams fluctuate through the rankings in the coming weeks.

Chelsea and Liverpool have two matches scheduled together this season and the first one takes place on the 29th September at Chelsea’s home grounds. This match would most certainly help to determine who is performing to their best ability. And they also have another match scheduled for the 13th April which is at Liverpool’s home. The second match would most definitely be one to watch as the previous losing side will be out for a vengeance if they find themselves knocked down the table.

Historic Rivalry

Exploring the previous results from Premier League seasons, the rankings between Chelsea and Liverpool have always been close. Back in 2017/18 Liverpool beat Chelsea in the rankings and knocked them out of gaining the chance to compete in the Champions League for 18/19. However, Chelsea did manage to secure a place in this season’s Europa League after acquiring fifth place in the 17/18 Prem rankings.

Prior to this, the 16/17 Premier League season saw Chelsea acquire one of their highest achievements to date by securing a first place win in the tournament. With their success, Liverpool were lower down the ranks and found themselves in fourth place and just skimming an entrance into the Champions League.

Before this, both teams struggled to make it in high rankings as Liverpool took 8th place and Chelsea placed 10th during the 15/16 games. Since then, they have both rose to success and stayed within the top 5 ranks.

Chelsea Has the Home Turf Advantage


With the first game between these two top teams being held at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool fans and football enthusiasts believe that Chelsea will thrive in this environment in order to remain at their first place spot. However, sceptics could say that this could be a hinderer. As the team may already feel on a high while being top ranked, they may feel that the backing of the home support to be encouraging.

But with this kind of united backing the players may have a heavy weight of pressure on their shoulders to do well during the match. And when a team is massively under pressure to impress, that is where mistakes are made, so let’s hope Maruizio Sarri’s players keep a clear head during the fixture to avoid losing their place.

After this first match has taken place Liverpool then host the next game in the April, which could go either way. They could thrive and beat Chelsea or they could show cracks, which can happen at any point with the added anticipation of maintaining the top spots.

Who will Win?

With the match between Chelsea and Liverpool just around the corner, we want to know your predictions on the fixture. Will Chelsea fall from their first place rank and Liverpool rise to the top, or will Chelsea be able to maintain their status and bag another Premier League champions status? Check out our social media pages and let us know your feelings on how the rest of the 18/19 tournament will play out.

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This article was written exclusively for Soccer Box by Loren Astbury