Summertime is a season of big changes for league football clubs everywhere. Managers are sacked and hired; contracts are negotiated and re-negotiated; players depart their old teams and search for new challenges (or perhaps consider retirement); schedules are laid forth for the coming season; and new jerseys are redesigned and released for purchase. All of that is currently in full swing, even with almost all eyes in the soccer community watching the World Cup, and much of it will certainly impact the Chelsea football club as it dons the Chelsea training kit 2014 and builds itself a new team for a new era of contention.

One of the changes on the way for Chelsea next year is the Chelsea presentation jacket 2014 2015, a new design that retains the classic elements of the team's normal presentation jacket, but makes a few tweaks as well in celebration of looking forward. The new jacket is a lighter blue than last year's navy color, moving toward a more modern, aqua hue. Both jackets were made by Adidas, but are distinctly unique from one another. Both can also be purchased on the Soccer Box online store.

Chelsea Training Kit 2014

Lampard's Departure 

Beyond change-ups in the Chelsea training kit 2014, other changes are on the way for The Blues next year as well, not least of which is the departure of midfielder (and sometimes captain) Frank Lampard. Lampard was recently released from Chelsea, though the split seems to have been completely amicable. In fact, the Chelsea football club recently published a gracious and complimentary statement regarding Lampard's departure.

In the statement, Chelsea paid tribute to Lampard's status as the third most prolific player in Chelsea's history (behind only Ron Harris and Peter Bonetti, with 648 appearances), as well as the team's all time leading goal scorer (with 211 goals at last tally). The statement also retreaded some of Lampard's biggest moments with the Chelsea team, like when he took the captain's position in the 2012 Champions League final (after official team captain, John Terry, had been sent off) and led Chelsea to victory.

The Chelsea tribute went on to call Lampard one of the best players to ever represent the club, and concluded with the statement, "We know we have never seen his like in our midfield before, and we will be very blessed to again see his equal." It was a poignant farewell to one of soccer's best, and it proved that, while Lampard won't be wearing the Chelsea presentation jacket 2014 2015 again next season, he will at least never be forgotten for the contributions he made to the club.

Looking Forward

So where does Lampard's departure leave the Chelsea football club? What will this team's players be striving toward when they return from the World Cup, don the Chelsea training kit 2014, and head out on the field for the first days of team practice?

Undoubtedly, the foremost goal is for Chelsea to do what it couldn't quite do last season and win the title in the English Premier League. Chelsea ended the 2013 2014 season in third place in the Premier League, just trailing Manchester City and Liverpool in one of the closest and most competitive tables the division had ever seen. This season, with no one sure whether or not one-time heavyweights Manchester United will bounce back from a disastrous year, the Premier League title may once again be up for grabs, and Chelsea will be shooting to get ahead early.

That might well be possible. The first two Premier League appearances of the Chelsea presentation jacket 2014 2015 will pit Chelsea against a pair of minor competitors, Burnley and Leicester City, both of which were promoted from the Football League Championship at the end of the 2013 2014 season. That fact should make it easy for Chelsea to get a solid soccer head start. The challenges won't start until weeks three, four, and five, when Chelsea faces Everton, Arsenal, and Manchester City, respectively

How do you think Chelsea will perform this year without Frank Lampard? Do you think the team has what it takes to win the Premier League, or do you think they will fall further down the table without their legendary midfielder? If you wish to support the team, stop by Soccer Box today to pick up a Chelsea training kit 2014