Rafael Benitez the interim Chelsea manager and the rest of the Chelsea players, proudly wearing their Chelsea football kits, were celebrating last night after winning the UEFA Europa League final. The match played at the Amsterdam Arena was between the London based Chelsea and Portuguese side Benfica.  It has been a long and difficult season for the Chelsea side; they have played a staggering 68 games so far this season.  Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League in 2012 but was knocked out in the group stages of this year's competition therefore, joining the Europa League competition in the second round.

Last nights game was a true roller coaster ride of highs and lows, the first half ended goalless with Benfica looking to be the better side.  The second half was truly exciting Benfica's Cardoza had a goal disallowed in the 50th minute because of an offside ruling, Torres scored in the 59th minute to put the players in the Chelsea football kit 1-0 up. Chelsea's superiority only lasted nine minutes after a penalty was awarded and duly scored by Cardoza, the score was leveled at 1-1. The 90th minute passed with the score still at 1-1, three minutes of injury time were awarded, and it looked like the tired players would have to play a further 30 minutes of extra time to see if the match could be decided. However, in dramatic fashion the Chelsea team were saved by Ibrahimovic in the 92nd minute as he netted a header to put Chelsea 2-1 up and secure the UEFA Europa League cup.

Rafael Benitez was appointed Chelsea's interim manager in November after Roberto Di Matteo was sacked; Benitez was an unpopular choice with the fans due to his past association with Liverpool football club and negative comments made about Chelsea. Despite the negativity and lack of support Benitez has worked hard and the Chelsea players did him proud last night, he is now only the fourth manager to win the UEFA Europa League more than once also winning the Europa Cup with Valencia in 2004.  Throughout his time as manager of the team in the Chelsea football kit Benitez has been calm, dignified and respectful, last night finally receiving praise and congratulations from the fans, Benitez said "It has not been easy, so I am really pleased, really proud".  It is expected that the current Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho will return to Chelsea and take over as manager for next season. Thanks to Benitez he will be inheriting a strong, well-disciplined squad who has qualified for next seasons Champions League. The last match with Benitez at the helm will be played at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's home stadium against Everton, whether Chelsea remain 3rd in the league or finish 4th will be decided then.  Benitez does not have a team to manage yet for next season but has stated he would prefer to stay in the Premier League.

After last nights winning match the popular Frank Lampard who wears the number 8 Chelsea football kit stated that its "looking good" that he will be staying at Chelsea next season, he went on to say "I really, really hope to be around next year". Lampard has been at Chelsea since 2001 winning numerous titles including the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup along with the last nights Europa League Trophy. Benitez praised Lampard's dedication and professionalism, and said he will do well next year.

What did you think of last nights match?

What do you think of Chelsea's prospects for next season? Can Mourinho steer the team to further success?

Which team do you think Benitez will end up managing? Is there a Premier League spot for him?

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