1. Champions League 2015 - 2016 Group G: Chelsea Crash and Burn, Porto Take the Frontrunner Position

    Back in the summer, right after the UCL group stage draw was announced, Champions League 2015 - 2016 Group G looked like one of the tournament's more predictable segments. Portugal's Porto FC and England's Chelsea FC seemed destined to take the top two slots in the group while Ukraine's Dynamo Kyiv and Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv seemed almost sure to be also-rans. After all, Chelsea were fresh off a thoroughly dominant run in the always-competitive Premier League, and Porto went all the way to the UCL quarterfinals last year.

    Trouble for Chelsea?

    Now, though, with two of the six game-days officially on the books for Group G, things are looking a bit shaky for Chelsea. The Blues lost what could end up being a key group stage match on Tuesday, September 29th, falling 1-2 to Porto. Dynamo Kyiv, meanwhile, skated into the top two with a 2-0 victory at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

    Should Chelsea fans start to worry that

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  2. Chelsea LFC Win WSL Title 2015: Their First League Ttitle

    While the men's team at Chelsea football club might be struggling to make a mark on the 2015 2016 Premier League, fans of the organization can at least take solace in knowing that their women's team just won a title. On Sunday, October 4th, the Chelsea Ladies Football Club won a match against Sunderland. The victory means that Chelsea LFC Win WSL title 2015. As the top tier of the Football Association Women's Super League, the FA WSL 1 is also the top-flight women's soccer division in England. The Blues had never won this particular title before, making the celebration that much sweeter.

    FA WSL 1 History

    To truly understand how historic this win is for the Chelsea LFC, we have to take a look back at the roots
    of the FA WSL 1. The Women's Super League was first founded just five and a half years ago, in March 2010. The inaugural season, played in 2011, ended with Arsenal as the champions, as did the 2012 season.

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  3. Is Chelsea FC Manager Jose Mourinho Still the Right Man for the Club?

    The Chelsea football club enjoyed a reprieve of sorts last week, winning their first match in the 2015 2016 UEFA Champions League and snagging a Premier League victory against Arsenal. However, after what has been a truly disastrous start to the 2015 2016 season at Stamford Bridge, those two wins alone aren't going to turn things around for the Blues. Indeed, with Chelsea stranded back at 15th place in the EPL, some soccer analysts are even wondering if Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho, is still the right man for the job.

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    Mourinho's Track Record

    Mourinho has been managing Chelsea since the 2013 2014 season and has a history with the football club that dates back even longer. This stint is the Portuguese manager's second at Stamford Bridge: he previously coached the

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  4. Chelsea V Arsenal 2015: The Blues Win 2-0 at Home

    Last weekend's Chelsea V Arsenal 2015 fixture was expected to be one of the highlights of the EPL season. Chelsea Adidas Away Shirt 2015 - 2016Before we review the game let's rewind a bit. A week ago, following the Chelsea football club's 1-3 loss against Everton, club manager Jose Mourinho noted that his team was suffering from a severe spot of bad luck. He had a point: other than an August 23rd victory against West Bromwich Albion, the Blues hadn't won a Premier League match all year. Worse, their winless streak reached all the way back to the end of July, suggesting that the reigning English title holders may have just lost their mojo over the summer months.

    Then, something weird happened: Chelsea's luck turned.

    Indeed, Mourinho's comment

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  5. Chelsea Poor Form Continues as Manchester City Dominate in Premier League Week Five 2015 - 2016

    So far, the most notable talking points surrounding the 2015 2016 English Premier League season have been the implosion of Chelsea FC and the complete, utter dominance of Manchester City. Both of those trends continued to hold true in the Premier League's fifth week of competitive play. Chelsea continued to slip further down the standings table while Manchester City continued to fortify their position at the top. Does the Chelsea poor form mean that their title hopes are already dashed? Are Manchester City shoe-ins for a Premier League triumph? Only time will tell, but after Premier League week five 2015 - 2016, it certainly seems like both of those predictions might prove valid.

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    Chelsea's Disastrous Season

    A year ago, Chelsea's Blues took an early lead in the EPL, beating Burnley 3-1

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  6. Chelsea's Summer Transfer Window 2015: Could the Reigning Premier League Champs Have Made Better Use of Funds?

    After suffering high-profile losses against Manchester City and Crystal Palace in the first month of the 2015 2016 English Premier League (as well as an unexpected opening week draw with Swansea City), Chelsea football club are looking like they might be in trouble. But outside of a key signing of Barcelona secret weapon Pedro, the reigning EPL champions aren't likely to see much help from their summer transfer slate-which unlike the transfer arrival lists at Manchester City, Man United, and even Liverpool-is lacking in big names. So could Chelsea's summer transfer window 2015 activity have been more productive?

    Staying Frugal

    The 20 Premier League football clubs spent a combined total of £870 million on transfers this summer-with Manchester City leading the way with a spending total of £160 million. Man United weren't all that far behind, spending £139 million on their own summer transfer window.

    Chelsea, meanwhile, co

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  7. Pedro Makes Chelsea Transfer: But What will Pedro Bring to Chelsea?

    FC Barcelona fans are in an uneasy place right now, following not only their club's disappointing performance in the Spanish Super Cup, but also the departure of longtime player Pedro and talks of a possible exit for wunderkind forward Neymar. With the transfer window now shut it seems that Neymar will be staying at Barca for at least the next few months despite Manchester United reportedly offering a £165 million deal for the young Brazilian star. (Gareth Bale, the most expensive transfer ever, was only worth £85 million when he moved to Real Madrid two years ago.) However, Barcelona were willing to let Pedro go-to Chelsea, for £19 million-and the defending English champions are already reaping the benefits. But what will Pedro bring to Chelsea throughout 2015/16 and beyond?

    Pedro wasted no time in establishing himself as a Blues star to watch, scoring the opening goal in Chelsea's Sunday, August 23rd away game against West Bromwich Albion, and then turning ar

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  8. The First Month of EPL Play 2015: Chelsea Falls, Manchester City Flourishes

    One month and four matches into the 2015 2016 English Premier League season, there have already been a fair share of surprises and unexpected turns of events. From the inexplicable success of Crystal Palace, to the complete implosion of Jose Mourinho's Chelsea football club squad, August has been an eventful month in the EPL. But does the first month of EPL play 2015 provide any indication of where the season could be going? Or will the season's remaining 34 fixtures restore the table to a more usual and predictable outcome?

    Manchester City: The Clear Season Frontrunners

    If there's one thing that has been revealed by the first month of Premier League play, it's that Manchester City are the clear frontrunners to win the title come next May. A year ago, Chelsea very clearly announced themselves as title contenders, winning their first four EPL matches, and never giving up the top spot in the league standings after

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  9. Chelsea Ladies FC: A Team Profile of the Recent FA Women's Cup Winners

    Chelsea FC have been a notable force in English football since March of 1905, but interestingly, the club have only had a ladies football team for 23 years, since 1992. This year, the Chelsea Ladies FC legacy hit a new high, with a victory at the 2014 2015 FA Women's Cup. Should we expect even more great things from this squad of talented women in the coming years? Read on to learn more about Chelsea LFC's history, stats, and prospects for upcoming years.

    Chelsea LFC: The History

    Similar to their male affiliates, Chelsea Ladies FC are nicknamed "the Blues" by fans. They also wear a similar Chelsea home jersey 2015 2016 to the reigning English Premier League champions. Unlike the male Chelsea FC, however, the female Blues call Wheatsheaf Park their home ground.

    Originally, the Chelsea ladies club came to be because fans of the Blues' male side wanted to support a women's club as well. That demand led to the 1992 founding

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  10. Manchester City V Chelsea 2015: City Scores Big Victory, Trouble Lurks for Chelsea

    Following the Manchester City V Chelsea 2015 Premier League Week 2 fixture the question has arisen, are the Blues in trouble? Last season, there was never a week where Chelsea FC were not ranked at the top of the Premier League table. Starting with a 3-1 week one win over Burnley, the Blues were in first place for England's top-flight football division. After 37 more weeks of play, they still occupied that position, earning the Jose Mourinho-managed team a well-deserved league title.

    With two weeks on the books for the new 2015 2016 season, though, it looks as if Chelsea FC have lost control. Starting with a surprise week one draw against Swansea City-a team that the Blues crushed on a point aggregate of 9-2 in their two head-to-head fixtures last season-Chelsea seem to have been thrown into a tailspin. Now, following the first big fixture of the English soccer season-an August 16th match between Chelsea and Manchester City-the Blues have picked up a loss and are sitting in 16th

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