1. Where to Watch the 2018 World Cup Across the Globe

    It’s nearly that time of year again when football fans crowd around the TV or their mobile phones with ultimate pride in their eyes as they watch their beloved team take to the pitch. This is why the World Cup is such a widely anticipated tournament across the globe as it is such a powerful way of uniting a country.

    Most children’s vivid memories of soccer begin when they watch their national team play. And this feeling of country pride carries on with them into adulthood and is passed on through generations. Making the love of the sport everlasting.

    As the World Cup is a passionate tournament, you will find that most countries will accommodate for streaming the games live from Russia in order for the fans to join in with the action and feel like they are actually there. 

    In this post we will take a look at the time scheduling per zones as well as what channels and applications you can used to watch the games on.

    Match Schedules for Group Sta

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  2. Where Could Jorge Sampaoli Land Next?

    Jorge Sampaoli is on the move, but where could he land next?

    The 55-year-old Argentine manager has been the head coach of the Chile national football team since 2012, and he's orchestrated some pretty marvelous moments for the organization. Just last year, Sampaoli led Chile to their first-ever win in the Copa America, leading the soccer squad to a narrow, nail-biting victory over the Lionel Messi-led Argentina team. The championship match was an evenly matched contest if there ever was one, with the score still tied 0-0 after 120 minutes of full-time and extra time. Chile won the shootout 4-1, with Messi the only player from Argentina's side to make his penalty kick.

    Add a solid round of 16 runs in the 2014 World Cup and a promising squad that included Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez, and Chile seemed to have hit a new high-water mark under Sampaoli. The manager even earned a 2015 Coach of the Year nomination from FIFA. Now, though, the coach has resigned from his job following

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  3. Chile Win 2015 Copa America, Beating Argentina on Penalty Kicks in the Final

    Lionel Messi may be widely touted as the best football player in the world (or at very least, as one of the two best), but international titles have mostly eluded him throughout his career. Other than a 2005 World Youth Championship victory and a 2008 Olympic Gold Medal, Leo's run with the Argentina national football team hasn't yielded the sort of accolades that many might have expected from soccer's most dynamic talent. The frustration continued for Messi and his Argentine squad over the weekend, as the White and Sky Blues finished as runners-up in the 2015 Copa America. Chile win 2015 Copa America, but is was a close game that could have gone either way.

    Frontrunner Status

    From the beginning, Argentina were considered the frontrunners to win the 2015 Copa America. Not only would Lionel Messi be donning the Argentina home jersey 2015 2016 following a top-form treble season at FC Barcelona, but the team was also coming

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  4. Copa America 2015 Group A: Our Predictions

    2014 2015 league play may be over, but football fans won't have to wait long before competitive soccer action begins once again. This Thursday, June 11th, the Copa America 2015 will begin in Chile, with 12 teams competing in three groups for South American soccer glory. Today, we're taking a look at the Copa America 2015 Group A, which will see a battle between Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, and the Chilean host team.

    Which squads will score instant advancement into the knockout stage? Which will finish third and be left in limbo for a possible quarterfinal spot? And which of these four teams will be on the way home after group competition? Read on to find out!

    Mexico Football Shirts

    Current World Rankings

    Based on current FIFA world

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  5. Spain World Cup Home Kit 2014 to Bow out Early; Chile to Progress

    Going into this summer's World Cup, virtually everyone was pointing to the Spain World Cup home kit 2014 as the uniform of a frontrunner. Not only was Spain sitting at the top of FIFA's prestigious "world rankings" list, but the team had also successfully won three major tournaments in a row the 2010 World Cup and the 2008 and 2012 European Championships and performed admirably in the qualifiers for this year's cup. By all accounts, the Spain national football team should have arrived in Brazil ready to defend its title as the greatest team in all of football.

    In that case, the question is this: what in the world just happened? After getting thrashed last week in a 5-1 match against The Netherlands, Spain was once again manhandled in a 2-0 match against Chile. The loss guaranteed two things: first, that the red and gold of the Spain football jerseys will not be appearing in later rounds; and second, that the red and white of the

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  6. Chile Mark Ninth World Cup Appearance in 2014

    When players charge the fields of Brazil wearing the Chile football shirt at this year's FIFA World Cup tournament, it will be only the ninth time in the event's history that such an occurrence has happened. Over the years, everything from disqualification Chile 2014 FIFA World Cup Away Shirtto poor performance to outright banning has kept the Chile national soccer team from partaking in the world's biggest soccer event.

    This year, however, not only has Chile qualified for the World Cup, but the team also has a decent position on FIFA's world rankings. In fact, Chile is currently ranked and seeded at 13 by FIFA, a fact that has established the team as something of a dark horse underdog for tournament success. Needless to

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  7. Fans of the Chile Eagerly Await World Cup Glory

    Fans who owe their allegiance to the Chile soccer jersey have long awaited their time in the FIFA spotlight. Despite the Chilean national team's Chile FIFA World Cup Home Jersey 2014impressively consistent record, the team has yet to place higher than third, in 1962 when they hosted The Big Dance. Players and fans alike are eagerly awaiting kickoff day, when La Roja will take to the pitch and submit their latest bid for international football fame.

    Soccer Box is the perfect place to find a gift for your favorite supporter of the Chilean national team, even if that supporter just happens to be you! The Chile store page on Soccer Box is full of official supporter gear by Puma. While you're there, check out the Chile

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