1. Where to Watch the 2018 World Cup Across the Globe

    It’s nearly that time of year again when football fans crowd around the TV or their mobile phones with ultimate pride in their eyes as they watch their beloved team take to the pitch. This is why the World Cup is such a widely anticipated tournament across the globe as it is such a powerful way of uniting a country.

    Most children’s vivid memories of soccer begin when they watch their national team play. And this feeling of country pride carries on with them into adulthood and is passed on through generations. Making the love of the sport everlasting.

    As the World Cup is a passionate tournament, you will find that most countries will accommodate for streaming the games live from Russia in order for the fans to join in with the action and feel like they are actually there. 

    In this post we will take a look at the time scheduling per zones as well as what channels and applications you can used to watch the games on.

    Match Schedules for Group Sta

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  2. FIFA World Cup 2018 - Inspired by Past Successes

    8th December 2017.
    In anticipation of Russia 2018 next summer, a host of new soccer jerseys are being released for the team's that have secured qualification. German sportswear manufacturer Adidas has got ahead of the game, and began launching shirts toward the end of 2017. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Adidas football shirts released to date are all home edition jerseys, and the designs embody the strengths, passions and heritage of each nation involved, with a clearly retro look. Below we take a look at some of the Adidas 2018 World Cup kits launched so far.

    Argentina 2018 World Cup Home Kit

    The advertising campaign launching the Argentina home kit for the 2018 World Cup was fronted by the infamous Lionel Messi. Messi, one of the greatest footballers to have ever graced a soccer field, and an icon in the history of Argentinian football, has never won a major trophy with his country. This disparity, in an otherwise unblemished career, is clearly referenced with

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  3. James Rodríguez A Key Cog in Columbia's Copa America Centenario Squad

    8th June 2016. By Edward Stratmann,
    While winning the Champions League with Real Madrid did go some way to papering over the cracks of James Rodriguez's torrid second season at the club, it did, however, provide the perfect segue for him to enter the Copa America on something resembling a high.

    As one of Colombia's undisputed stars in their quest to take out the 100th edition of the tournament, it was overwhelmingly positive for Los Cafeteros that he put in a shift full of upside to kickoff the campaign.

    Playing in his favoured no10 position, a luxury he was rarely afforded at Madrid due to their tactical setup predominantly excluding a playmaker, he was afforded the ideal platform to show off his superlative skillset. And although James wasn't at his all conquering best like he was at the 2014 World Cup, there was plenty of encouragement to be drawn from his side's 2-0 win over the USA.

    Aside from his exquisite ball control and crisp passing, the most influential

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  4. Predicting the 2018 World Cup CONMEBOL Qualifiers

    Compared to the massive qualifying competitions that UEFA and AFC use to determine which countries will and will not get to send teams to the World Cup, the CONMEBOL qualifiers are downright simplistic. Featuring just 10 teams who play each other in a round robin series of home and away matches, the 2018 World Cup CONMEBOL qualifiers don't involve any complicated group stage calculations or multi-round qualification steps. Instead, each team plays 18 matches apiece, and the four or five at the top of the standings when those are done get to participate in FIFA's global football tournament.

    Still, while the CONMEBOL qualifiers look simple on paper, South American football teams actually have to play more matches apiece than any UEFA countries do. As a result, CONMEBOL qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup will begin relatively soon-October 2015, versus the UEFA start date of September 2016. So what does the schedule look like for the first matches? And which teams should be expected to

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  5. Copa America 2015 Group C: Our Predictions

    If Group B of the Copa America 2015 is going to play host to a contentious battle between Argentina and Uruguay, then Copa America 2015 Group C is going to be defined by a budding rivalry between Brazil and Colombia. The quarterfinal match between these two teams at last year's 2014 World Cup was one of the tournament's fiercest and most competitive, and neither soccer squad exited the game on top. Colombia lost the fixture 1-2, but Brazil's star player Neymar suffered a back injury that took him out of the tournament and derailed the host country's chances at victory. In other words, no one really won the soccer game.

    Since that memorable (and sure to be infamous) July 4th fixture, Brazil and Colombia have played each other one other time: in a "friendly" fixture on September 9th of last year. The Brazilian side won that match as well, beating the Colombia side 1-0. However, Colombia have won seven friendlies in a row since that game, and are actually

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  6. Colombia and Brazil Will Face Each Other Once More in 2015 Copa America

    If there was one team that spoiled Brazil's chances at winning a World Cup title at home last year, it may have been Colombia. Sure, the Brazilian home side beat the Coffeers 2-1 in the quarterfinals, but Colombia presented a huge challenge, and the Green and Yellow didn't escape that game unscathed anyway: Brazilian football star Neymar was injured during the match, forcing him to miss the rest of the tournament and essentially dashing his team's chances of progressing much further. Colombia, meanwhile, was one of the biggest stories of the tournament, with midfielder James Rodriguez becoming an overnight celebrity for his Golden Boot-winning performance. Now, the Coffeers and the Green and Yellow will face off once again, in the upcoming 2015 Copa America, and you can get ready for the nail-biting action with a new Colombia football jersey from Soccer Box.

    At Soccer Box, we've been clearing out our 2014 2015 jersey stock as of late, offering deep discounts on shirt designs

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  7. Colombia Extends Friendly Fixture Winning Streak to Six Games

    One of the biggest joys of the 2014 World Cup was watching the Colombia national football team achieve their best-ever finish at the tournament. The country was eliminated from the competition after the quarterfinals, beaten by the Brazilian hosts. However, Colombia absolutely provided some of the biggest Columbia Home Shirt 2015 - 2016headlines of the event, from a flawless group stage run to a round of 16 upset against Uruguay. And midfielder James Rodriguez was arguably the breakout soccer star of the entire cup, winning the Golden Boot by scoring six goals in the tournament. Needless to say, 2014 was a proud year to wear the Colombia shirt.

    From the looks of it, 2015 will be just as proud a year for the nation and its growing football culture. In March, the Coffeers won big in friendly fixtures with Bahrain and Kuwait, extending

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  8. Colombia National Team Prepare for Copa America

    The Colombia national football team made a tremendous splash at last year's World Cup in Brazil, progressing all the way to the quarterfinals after three tournaments in a row of missed qualification. Columbia Home Shirt 2015 - 2016Not only was it the country's best-ever finish at the FIFA event, but it was also the first time that a Colombian player had received the Golden Boot award. Midfielder James Rodriguez scored six goals in the tournament-more than any other player. Needless to say, even after the Coffeers were eliminated by Brazil in the quarters, it was still a proud time to be a fan in the Colombia football shirt.

    Now, the Colombia national side is ready to begin its next chapter, and you can join them along the way! At Soccer Box, we have just received stock of the brand new Colombia home jersey 2015 2016. The brilliant

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