Juventus will win the 2014 2015 Italian Serie A title, and are in the finals for the UEFA Champions League against Barcelona. Could they win the Coppa Italia final 2014 2015 to make it a potential treble? It certainly seems possible, as the May 20th tournament final inches ever close. The championship match will pit the Zebras against Lazio's Eagles, and will see Juve gunning for their first COI title since 1995. Root for the club today, with a new Juventus jersey from Soccer Box!

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Juventus and the Coppa Italia: A History

It's easy to view Juventus as the frontrunners for this year's Coppa Italia title, given their status now as four-time consecutive Serie A champions. However, while the Zebras are undoubtedly the top team in Juventus Home Shirt 2014 - 2015Italian football right now, they have not typically had the same good fortunes in the COI as they have in the Serie A.

Indeed, the last time the wearers of the Juventus jersey finished at the top of the Coppa Italia podium, it was 1995. They beat Parma in two legs to claim the title-their ninth in tournament history. At the time, they were handily the most successful football club in the history of the event. Roma was next, with seven trophies, and no one else had more than four.

Fast forward 20 years, though, and the Zebras still haven't won a 10th COI title. Roma tied the record of nine wins in 2008. Inter Milan have entered the conversation too, winning four times between 2005 and 2011, for a grand tally of seven. And Lazio have won five Coppa Italia titles since Juventus were last the victors-a fact that makes predicting the outcome of this year's championship match-up more than a little bit difficult.

The Final: Who Will Win?

The question is this: will the winner be the team that has dominated Italian football this year, the team that has beaten the odds (and the defending champions) to reach the finals of the UEFA Champions League? Or is it wiser to bet on the team with the better track record at the COI over the past two decades?

On one hand, when the Zebras don the Juventus home shirt 2014 2015 for the May 20th championship game, they will do so with assurance that they can beat their opponent. Juve and Lazio have faced off twice in the 2014 2015 Serie A, and Juventus won both soccer games (a 3-0 away game in November, and a 2-0 home fixture last month) in decisive fashion. Based solely on stats from the past year, there is no reason to think that Lazio pose much of a threat to Italy's greatest football club.

Looking at Coppa Italia statistics, though, Lazio's chances improve a bit. In addition to having claimed the title more recently (in 2013, 2009, 2004, 2000, and 1998), the Eagles were also the victors the one time that Juventus and Lazio faced each other in the COI finals, back in 2003 2004. Could they once again deny the Zebras a record 10th title in the Italian Cup?

We will find out shortly what will happen in the big Coppa Italia final 2014 - 2015. If you are rooting for Juve, stop by Soccer Box today to pick up a new Juventus football shirt.