Rumors of a Cristiano Ronaldo transfer have been making the rounds for half a year now, ever since the dismissal of Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti caused soccer pundits to speculate about how happy Ronaldo still is at Santiago Bernabeu. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, meanwhile, might be done at Chelsea if he can't turn things around for the reigning Premier League champions this season. No one has speculated much about where Mourinho would go if he resigns or gets sacked from the Chelsea job. Most of the rumors about a possible Ronaldo transfer, meanwhile, have pointed to his old football club, Manchester United, as the most likely destination. But Pauleta, the man Ronaldo passed to become Portugal's all-time leading goalscorer, thinks he has a better idea: Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho to PSG.

Pauleta's Opinion

In an interview with RTL, Pauleta said that it would be a "good idea" for both Cristiano and Mourinho to PSG Home Shirt 2015 - 2016make moves to PSG in the next few years. Pauleta, like Ronaldo and Mourinho, is a Portuguese-born football legend with a decorated past. The 42-year-old retired from international play in 2006, leaving behind a legacy of 88 caps and 47 goals. Cristiano, who currently has a tally of 55 goals for the Portugal national football team, didn't break Pauleta's scoring record until last year.

Pauleta, a talented striker, also spent five seasons at Paris Saint Germain, where he scored 109 goals in 212 appearances. It's hardly surprising, in other words, that Pauleta would try to encourage two other Portuguese soccer heroes to make Paris their next stop. The question is, do Pauleta's words hold much water?

Ronaldo and Mourinho at Paris Saint Germain: Could it Happen?

It's worth noting that Pauleta doesn't have any insider knowledge that the rest of don't know about. In his interview with RTL, the Portugal football celebrity was merely saying that "PSG would be an ideal team for Ronaldo to spend two or three seasons at," and that Mourinho would fit in as well. Pauleta's remarks, in other words, could be little more than wishful thinking.

Then again, it is fun to imagine what PSG might look like with both Ronaldo and Mourinho on the payroll. Right now, of course, the French football club has a good thing going. Indeed, the Parisians are aiming for their fourth straight Ligue 1 title this season, and early indicators show that they are still the clear frontrunners.

However, a lot could change in Paris during the summer of 2016. Manager Laurent Blanc has a contract that runs out in 2016. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, PSG's top scorer from each of the last three seasons, also has a contract that expires next year. Ibrahimovic has been linked with numerous potential transfers, from Liverpool to AC Milan to America's Major League Soccer division.

If Blanc and Ibrahimovic are on their way out, then there is certainly a possibility that Paris Saint Germain could take Pauleta's advice and aim to bring in Mourinho and Ronaldo. Mourinho's contract with Chelsea runs out in 2019, but with the Blues languishing in the lower echelons of the Premier League table, it's entirely possible that the club won't want to honour that contract in its entirety.

As for Ronaldo, every indicator points to the reigning Ballon d'Or winner leaving Real Madrid within the next year or two. This past summer, Cristiano signed a contract extension that, feasibly, could keep him at the La Liga soccer club until 2018. But Real Madrid are smart enough to know that Ronaldo probably won't extend his contract again, and might try to cash in on an expensive transfer deal while the Portuguese star is still playing in prime form.

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