As one of the three clubs promoted into the 2014 2015 La Liga from the 2013 2014 Segunda Division, Deportivo La Coruna was never a team that a lot of people were betting on. Perhaps the club would win a few matches and avoid being immediately Deportivo La Coruna Home Shirt 2014 - 2015relegated back to the second run of Spanish football. Other than that, though, most Spanish soccer fans weren't about to put a lot of stock in the Deportivo La Coruna football kit.

To a certain extent, Deportivo-also known as "the Turks"-hasn't really proved those people wrong. The team's fixture against Real Madrid was just as big of a loss as most people predicted it would be, for instance. However, there have also been unpredictable moments throughout this soccer season that have hinted that the club may have more talent than many believe. Get engaged with those unpredictable moments by picking up a new Deportivo La Coruna home shirt 2014 2015 (or 2014 2015 away kit), available now at Soccer Box.

The Big Moments

The biggest and most unpredictable part of Deportivo's season thus far was an October 19th home match against Valencia. After an 8-2 beat-down from Real Madrid earlier in the season, few were giving the Turks much of a shot. After all, the Oranges were undefeated at that point-plus they have the kind of glowing reputation in La Liga that La Coruna could hardly hope to compete with.

However, even with all odds and bets against them, the wearers of the Deportivo La Coruna football kit delivered a surprise. In a thrilling turn of events for home audiences, the first goal of the game was scored by a Valencia player-but not on Deportivo's goal.

Indeed, the first point of the match was an own goal, scored by defender Shkodran Mustafi. And evidently, Mustafi and his whole squad were so mortified by the mistake that they unwittingly allowed the home squad to run away with the game.

For the rest of the game, the fans in the stands were prouder than ever to wear the Deportivo La Coruna home shirt 2014 2015. They were proud as midfielder Lucas Perez found the back of the net, just before halftime, for the Turks' first proper goal of the match. And they were certainly proud as Toche, one of the club's strikers, delivered another goal at 79 minutes to ensure La Coruna's 3-0 victory.

A Notable Victory

The win against Valencia was notable for numerous reasons. For one thing, it was the club's first-and thus far, only-loss in the 2014 2015 La Liga. It was also the first fixture where they didn't manage to score any points. Somehow, Deportivo managed to shut them down completely.

The fixture was also notable, considering some of the other teams that the Oranges have beaten this year. For instance, just a week before the fixture against La Coruna, the club had topped Atletico Madrid-last year's La Liga champ-in a 3-1 home match.

In other words, either the Deportivo La Coruna football kit was charmed by some kind of good luck that night, or the players that wear the soccer shirt are more talented than they have been showing throughout the rest of the fall so far.

It definitely seems as if the Turks haven't been living up to their potential this fall. Other than a 1-0 win over Eibar-the one club that beat Deportivo in the Segunda Division last year-La Coruna has spent the autumn losing or drawing matches.

Case-in-point was a recent match against Getafe. Just 12 days after crushing Valencia-a team that itself had crushed Getafe earlier in the season-players donned the Deportivo la Coruna home shirt 2014 2015 for the match. The outcome was disappointing: they lost 2-1, even with an excited home audience there to support them.

Why was Deportivo La Coruna able to topple one of the best clubs in the 2014 2015 La Liga, but unable to defeat many lesser squads? That's one of the biggest mysteries in football right now, and we don't have an answer for you. We do, however, have the 2014 2015 Deportivo la Coruna football kit that you will love! Soccer Box has several items for this promising Spanish soccer squad, whether you are looking for a home shirt, an away shirt, or a training kit.