kids footballThere is often a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing children's kits. This can be down to the styles of the kits. Each season a new kit is usually released by clubs and it is often hard knowing which strip to buy when you still have the choice of the latest design and the previous season's design. If it was a gift for a child for example and it was going to be a surprise then you would not be able to ask them which kit they would like and from which year. If you were to go in to a retail shop you may receive help from a shop assistant but if you were ordering your item online it would be hard with no help. Another main factor which people tend to struggle with when choosing a junior football kit are the sizes.

Depending on which manufacturer designs the strip you are looking for you will have to look carefully at the sizes when you come to order your item. Some companies tend to use the same type of name for completely different products. For example you may want to buy the Arsenal Boys Home Kit, you could buy this kit in a size small boys but then if you take a look at the Arsenal Boys Home Shirt then that would also be called 'Small boys'. This can become very confusing and many people have found themselves ordering the wrong product because of size mix-ups.

One of the main reasons for confusion stems from the way sizes are shown on the garments for example here is a list from one famous American manufacturer:

Little Boys Kits

X-Small Boys = 3-4 Years old

Small Boys = 4-5 Years old

Medium Boys = 5-6 Years old

Large Boys  = 6-7 Years old

X-Large Boys = 7-8 Years old

The Shirt Sizes (This is when you want to buy just a shirt)

X-Small Boys = 6-8 Years old

Small Boys = 8-10 Years old

Medium Boys= 10-12 Years old

Large Boys = 12-13 Years old

X-Large Boys = 13-15 Years old

If a retailer was to advertise his boys kits on the internet as a large boys a customer may well get confused and order this kit thinking it would fit a 12-13 year old, you can imagine that the customer would not be too happy when their order arrives and the item that they have received is unwanted.

Do you find buying kits confusing? Should big sports brands make their sizes clearer?

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