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Fans in the 2014 2015 England jersey had plenty of reason to be proud on Friday, as their squad leveled Lithuania on the pitch at Wembley Stadium. The two countries were facing off as part of the Euro 2016 Qualifying Group E, and neither had played a match-competitive or otherwise-since mid-November.

If the Three Lions were shaking off any rust from the lengthy break, though, they certainly didn't show it. Taking the lead at the seven-minute mark, with a goal from Team Captain Wayne Rooney, the English side used their home field advantage to immediately turn the game in their favor.

England would score once more before halftime-at the 45-minute mark, when Daniel Welbeck took an assist from Jordan Henderson to make the score 2-0. Lithuania's away side, meanwhile, struggled to make any sort of impression in the football match, and continued to struggle in the second half.

For the Three Lions, meanwhile, the second half only provided more reasons for why supporters of the squad should invest in an England away shirt or home jersey for the remainder of qualifying play. The name of the game for the second half was teamwork, with each goal made possible by a strong assist.

First, Raheem Sterling took an assist from Wayne Rooney to score at the 58-minute mark. Next, Sterling provided his own assist to help Harry Kane deliver the fourth goal of the match. With the Lithuanian away side unable to mount any sort of effective offensive attack-England held possession of the ball for two-thirds of the match-the Three Lions ultimately triumphed 4-0.

Standing in the Euro Qualifiers

The victory only further solidifies the English national squad as the top nation competing in Qualifying Group E. In fact, the wearers of the England jersey have been downright perfect in the group so far: they've won all five of their games so far, and have scored 15 goals in those matches while only conceding one.

In fact, no other squad in the qualifiers-regardless of group-has a more spotless record right now than England. That fact should bode well for the football squad's chances of not only qualifying for next year's European Championship in France, but becoming a contender for that tournament as well.

Next up in the qualifiers, players will don the England away shirt 2014 2015 for an away game against Slovenia. That match, scheduled for June 14th, will officially move the qualifying rounds into their second half, and the Three Lions could not be in a better position for that particular moment in time. The English beat the Slovenians 3-1 back in a November home match, so taking the country on in an away fixture should be no big deal.

After that, England will have to complete two more home games (with Switzerland and Estonia) and two more away matches (in San Marino and Lithuania) before Euro qualifying play will be officially done. These games run through October, though, so make sure you have your England football jersey ready for all the excitement!

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