The England national football team, known to fans as The Three Lions, is among the oldest and most venerated national teams in Europe. The first England World Cup Home Jersey 2014sighting of the England football shirt on the FIFA World Cup pitch was over 60 years ago in Brazil, and they have attended most of the World Cups since then. Fans of the English team were treated to a World Cup victory at the 1966 games hosted in England, but they have yet to break the top three again.

This year, England's national team will be headed to the big dance once more, with fans in tow. The clean white England soccer jersey will make its triumphant return to Brazil, worn proudly on the backs of players and fans alike as they support their team's latest bid for international supremacy. The competition will be tough but with enough team spirit, fans can encourage their team to forge ahead and reach the top of international soccer once more.

Team England Dreams Big

The English national soccer team has been a bit quiet of late, with no recent international titles or honors to speak of. The team may have qualified for the last 8 consecutive World Cups, but they have yet to get any farther than fourth place in 1990. As if that wasn't enough, no European team has ever won the World Cup on South American soil, yet some fans of The Three Lions still hold out hope for their favorite team for a couple of reasons.

The recent exploits of the England soccer jersey have failed to deliver the exciting victories that are expected of such an old and venerated organization as the English Football Association, leaving some to assume that England will be knocked out of the tournament in the earliest rounds. The team's qualifying run however, forecasts a much different outcome to this year's FIFA World Cup. Six wins, four draws and 31 goals are impressive numbers to post for a World Cup qualifying season, but the more startling statistic for the team's naysayers was the mere 4 goals the team gave up on the way to the World Cup.

England's football squad is ripe to return to the international soccer scene whether you like it or not, and with their impressive qualifier it would seem The Three Lions are on the way up and up! The team has the talent, experience and leadership it needs to excel in this year's World Cup now all it needs is the motivation. Check out the full line of England football shirts and jerseys right here in the Soccer Box store, and show your England team spirit on kickoff day when The Three Lions take to the field to test their mettle against the world's toughest national teams.

England's Three Lions Bring Hope to Their Home Country

The English national team is home to some of the biggest superstars in European football, specifically a set of thee players with particularly impressive records who fans have started calling the "Three Lions" after their team's nickname. These three star players are all talented, experienced and by all regards impressive individual players, but it will take more than just individual talent to achieve victory at this year's World Cup. Coach Roy Hodgson has been tapped by The Football Association to lead the 2014 World Cup team and has done an impressive job so far, but will he be able to wrangle the team's lineup of soccer stars into an effective team at this year's big dance?

Among the stars wearing the England soccer jersey this year is the one and only Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. On defense, the English have tapped Frank Lampard, an experienced Chelsea midfielder with a rocket for a leg and a penchant for long range goals. With Wayne Rooney up top, and Lampard scoring from the shadows, Liverpool's Steven Gerrard was chosen to captain the team, rounding out their offensive with his valuable ability to control center pitch.

Together the English national team is a force to be reckoned with, even if they haven't made any headlines as of late. Choose an England football shirt from Soccer Box to show your support for The Three Lions run on the FIFA World Cup this summer.