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Group E Qualifying Rounds 

For the 2016 European Championship qualifiers, England was drawn into Group E alongside the likes of Switzerland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, and San Marino. Thus far, the Brits have faced down three of those five football teams: Switzerland, San Marino, and Estonia.

One of the most impressive aspects of the three qualifying games played thus far is that no one has been able to even score on the English national side-let alone beat them. The clean sheets are thanks to goalkeeper Joe Hart, who has been doing the England soccer kit 2014 proud lately. Hart, the starting goalkeeper for Manchester City for several years now, is one of the best in the game, and it's nice to see him in top form again after a handful of missed saves at the World Cup.

Hart hasn't been the only star player so far in the English team's qualifying matches. Daniel Welbeck carried the bulk of the burden in the away game against Switzerland, scoring a brace of goals in the second half to give his country the edge. Welbeck, a forward, used to play at Old Trafford, but is wearing the Arsenal shirt for the 2014 2015 Premier League season.

San Marino

Welbeck was undoubtedly the one in the spotlight at the Switzerland match, the player that all the young fans in the England kids away shirt were rooting for. In a home match against San Marino earlier this month, though, the British national football side truly made good use of its team dynamic.

San Marino is a country known for losing big in world soccer qualifying rounds, whether for the World Cup, for Euro, or for some other international tournament. As a result, it wasn't that surprising when the Brits beat the small country handily in a 5-0 home fixture.

Still, even if the victory was predictable, that didn't make it any less fun for England football fans to watch. It was an "all hands on deck" kind of performance for the British side, with Hart holding the goal and both Welbeck and team captain Wayne Rooney providing goals.

Another point was scored by Phil Jagielka, a veteran defender from Everton, while a fourth was added by Andros Townsend, a young midfielder who plays football full time wearing the Tottenham Hotspur shirt. The fifth and final point was an own goal, courtesy of San Marino's Alessandro Della Valle.


The Estonia match, meanwhile, was a completely different atmosphere. After the rousing 5-0 home win at Wembley Stadium, the English side played Estonia away. Of course, plenty of fans still came out to see the match (whether in the England kids away shirt 2014 2015 or the adult away kit), but the final score was a good deal more modest.

Ultimately, the Brits beat Estonia 1-0, but the match remained scoreless for most of its runtime. When Wayne Rooney finally scored a goal at the 73-minute mark, England fans could breathe a sigh of relief: their team's winning streak was and is still intact.

The three wins have put the English national side at the top of Group E. Will their reign continue in November, when they play the last qualifying match of the year against Slovenia? We can't wait to see!

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