England has a long sporting history of playing football, their national team played in the first ever international match against Scotland in 1872. National pride is evident during large soccer tournaments such as the European championships and FIFA World Cup with sales of adult football kits, the England boys home shirt and items such as flags increasing dramatically.

England soccer setMany young fans follow and aspire to be like their favourite players by supporting whichever soccer team is there preferred choice, however when it comes to national games the country, children and adults alike, unite to support the England squad.

Young fans that like to practice their skills will appreciate a football themed gift such as the England soccer set. You can shop online at Soccer Box to purchase the great value England Soccer Set for your young football fan.

The set contains four items; each branded with England crests and logos, and designed in the famous red, white and blue country colour scheme, enabling your youngster to show pride and support for their country whilst practising their skills on the pitch.

To go along with this product whilst practising their football talent your little one may also appreciate having and wearing the England boys home shirt.

Also available from Soccer Box the new Nike national team kit looks great for training, sports and general every day wear to highlight allegiance to your team and country, as well as wearing on match day of course.

Contained within the England soccer set to go alongside the official kit is a size 5 all surface football, great for a kick around, skills practice and training sessions. It is mainly white in colour, with blue hexagonal panels, there is a large 'England' word graphic and multiple England crests.

To go along with the ball is a 6" mini pump, designed in red with team crests and logos it will enable you to pump up the ball, which comes deflated and maintain it perfectly between uses.

When you shop for the England soccer set you will also receive a captain's armband for wearing on the pitch and a plastic water bottle. The water bottle holds approximately 500ml of water or your favourite drink; it is white with the famous England crest and is finished with a red sports cap. The sports cap is great for quick easy drinking, and reduces the likelihood of drips and spillages.

Whatever the occasion whether it's a birthday, Christmas or a well done gift any football fan would like to receive a present that will help identify them as a fan and support their team.  There is a large range of official merchandise available to choose from.

Get ready for next year's World Cup in Brazil by kitting yourself out with official England team wear.  You can also get the kids an England boys home shirt so they can join you in supporting the national squad.

Getting the England soccer set will allow you to enjoy a family game of football in the garden, at the park, or even at half time, your young fans can practice their skills whilst dreaming of being a professional footballer.

Are you getting ready for Brazil 2014?

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Get online today and shop for your England soccer set, and other official merchandise to support your country in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.