Competitions have always been a popular way to engage consumers, many kinds of media such as newspapers and television programmes run simple competitions to encourage the audience to repeatedly purchase the paper or watch the show. Companies around the globe use this same theory to entice customers to shop in their stores or purchase their products. Fast food chain McDonald's have teamed up with Hasbro and offer the McDonalds monopoly sweepstakes for a period each year, the theory being that when you make a purchase you get an instant prize voucher that may simply be for a burger or perhaps if your lucky one of the larger prizes such as holidays, electrical equipment or cash. Many other companies use this mechanism to encourage product sales including Pepsi and the ice cream brand Magnum recently.

With the advent of the Internet the focus of competitions has moved away from collecting tokens, postal entries or calling hotline numbers, for example Pepsi's recent competition relied upon you entering your code into the online form to discover if you are a winner. This online factor along with the increase in online shopping has sparked a massive surge in the number of competitions. Some people are actually making a living out of entering and winning competitions, either by pocketing the prize money or selling on the consumables they win, the name affectionately given to these people is 'compers'. There are websites dedicated to pointing out, not only to 'compers' but, to anyone who is interested in what are the best competitions currently available online. Most of the time the effort required is as simple as answering a question and submitting your email address, and you could potentially win a prize, other contests require more effort such as a written answer to a question, or increasingly popular is submitting an image of something creative relating to a specific topic.

Soccerbox, the football kit retailer is offering a brand new competition to win a Barcelona Messi Quilt Cover. Barcelona is an exceedingly popular Spanish football club, and their star player is the Argentinian Lionel Messi who wears the infamous number 10 Barcelona Football Kit. All you have to do is answer the question 'At which stadium do Barcelona play their home matches?', choose from the four listed options, enter your email address and submit the form to be in with a chance of winning this top prize. The quilt cover that could be yours if you enter features a large picture of the ever popular Messi, along with a club crest, and in the background there is an image of the famous stadium that is the focus of the competitions question.

If you think you know the answer why not have a go and enter, simply click on the competition image at the top of this page and it will take you through to the question, good luck!

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