1. Copa del Rey 2016 Quarterfinal Preview.

    We're only just reaching the quarterfinals for the 2015/16 Copa del Rey, but the tournament has already brought its fair share of surprises. From the controversial disqualification of Real Madrid in the middle of the round of 32 (for fielding an ineligible player) to the surprisingly great showing from some of Barcelona's up-and-coming young talents, this year's Copa del Rey has offered entertainment and discussion in equal measure. Now, with the slate for the quarterfinal officially announced, we're checking back in with the tournament to assess the likely outcomes of the next run and whether or not FC Barcelona are a shoe-in to win the CDR title once more in 2016.

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    The Quarterfinal Draw

    As is customary for the Copa del Rey, most of

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  2. Espanyol 2015 - 2016 Prospects: Can They Land a Top-Five Spot in the Spanish La Liga?

    Five games into the 2015 2016 La Liga season, RCD Espanyol are skirting the top five. Typically, we don't expect this particular football club to push into the top tier of the Spanish top-flight. After all, Espanyol's Parakeets have never won a La Liga title. Their biggest success in Spanish football has been in the Copa del Rey, which they've won four times. The most recent of those victories came in 2006, against Real Zaragoza. But could that be about to change? We analyze the Espanyol 2015 - 2016 prospects, and ask can they secure a top-five La Liga placing?

    Espanyol's Recent History

    Bottom line, Espanyol are no Barcelona or Real Madrid when it comes to Spanish soccer prestige. They
    also haven't made much of an impression in the La Liga for the past decade. Indeed, last season, the Parakeets only won seven games total, finishing in 10th on the league standings table. That performance was still an improvement

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