Back at the 1998 World Cup, Samuel Eto'o joined the Cameroon national soccer team as the youngest player in the entire tournament. Fast forward 16 years and that 17-year-old novice has turned into a 33-year-old veteran of the sport. When the striker takes to the pitch at this year's World Cup in Brazil, wearing the Eto'o 9 Cameroon 2014 World Cup home jersey for group Eto'o 9 Cameroon 2014 World Cup Home Shirtstage matches against Brazil and Croatia as well as an away shirt for Cameroon's first tournament match, against Mexico he will have officially played at four World Cup events.

That impressive statistic will help further establish Eto'o as one of the greatest and most famous players to ever wear the yellow and green colors of the Cameroon football shirts as if his status as the team's all-time leading goal scorer had not done that already. It will also be one of the big narratives playing in Cameroon's favor at the World Cup, and could give the team the momentum it needs to get past the group stage. Fans can contribute to that momentum too, though, by heading to Soccer Box and checking out our selection of Cameroon and Eto'o gear.

The Eto'o 9 Cameroon 2014 World Cup home jersey is one of the treasures of the Soccer Box Cameroon store, a dark green Puma shirt with subtle patterning that depicts the Cameroon team mascot, the lion. The shirt also features embroideries of the team's crest and lion logo, as well as (of course) Eto'o's name and jersey number printed on the back.

Cameroon Football Shirts

Eto'o's Run at the World Cup

There won't be many players at this year's World Cup who also participated in the 1998 event in France a fact that should make Samuel Eto'o one of the most prolific World Cup players in the entire tournament.

However, while Eto'o did play in 1998, his team failed to qualify in 2006, robbing him of what should have made 2014 Eto'o's fifth World Cup appearance. Only two players in history have appeared in five World Cup events, and if Cameroon had been able to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, then Eto'o would have been the third.

Despite Eto'o's obvious skill level, though (he's scored 55 goals in his years with the Cameroon national team, as well as more than 200 in league play), the Cameroon national football team has never put forth much of a fight to win the World Cup title. In all three of the World Cups Eto'o has thus far played in, his team exited from contention during the group stage. In fact, the Cameroon football shirts have only once been seen in the knockout stage: in 1990, when the team made it to the quarterfinals.

2014 Odds

This year, since the Eto'o 9 Cameroon 2014 World Cup home jersey will almost undoubtedly mark the striker's final World Cup appearance, fans are hoping that Cameroon will subvert its history of group stage exits and win some big victories. To do that, however, Eto'o and his team will have to upset at least two higher ranked teams. FIFA currently seeds Cameroon at 50 on its World Rankings list, while Brazil, Mexico, and Croatia are all ranked in the top 20.

Can the players in the Cameroon football shirts beat the odds and make it to the knockout stage for the first time in 24 years? Perhaps. The team has won world glory, winning the 2000 Olympic Gold Medal (with the help of Samuel Eto'o) after years of not qualifying. The addition of four wins in the Africa Cup of Nations (two without Eto'o, in 1984 and 1988, and two with him, in 2000 and 2002), proves that Cameroon has what it takes to hold strong and win matches under pressure. Can the team do just that in Brazil this summer?

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