With the qualifiers done and the playoffs decided, the table is set for the 2016 UEFA European Championship. The tournament won't commence until June 10th, which means we're still more than half a year away. However, at Soccer Box, we are ready to help football fans all around Europe to prepare for the big continental competition. We've begun stocking Euro 2016 jerseys for a range of different international football squads, from Germany and Spain to Belgium and Sweden. These are the official kits that your favorite international teams are going to be wearing at Euro next summer, and thanks to Soccer Box, you can get yours today!

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A Tournament Preview: Who Will Win and Who Might Surprise?

Now that the playoffs are over (with Ukraine, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, and Hungary earning the final four spots), we can officially look at the lineup for Euro 2016 and make some predictions. Of the 24 teams Germany Euro 2016 Jerseysinvolved, five of them (Iceland, Northern Ireland, Albania, Wales, and Slovakia) are making their European debuts. Another five of the teams (Austria, Poland, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, and Ukraine) will notch their second or third European Championship appearances in 2016.

On the surface, it would be easy to write these teams off as contenders, simply because none of them have won Euro or even featured heavily in the tournament before. For the most part, it's probably true that most of these teams don't have huge odds of beating out the likes of Germany or Spain for a shot at the title.

There is one exception to that rule, though, and it's Poland. The Polish national football team made quite a splash in the qualifiers, keeping pace with Germany in a tough group. Their end record (of six wins, three draws, and one loss) wasn't the strongest in the competition, but their goal tally (of 33) was the highest in the qualifiers. Robert Lewandowski scored a massive 13 goals to help Poland earn a spot in Euro 2016, and he's absolutely the kind of player who could propel his squad to a semifinal or even a championship match come tournament time. Keep an eye on Poland as a dark horse contender, in other words.

Otherwise, most of the teams to watch are previous European Champions. France, as the hosts, are looking to win their third Euro tournament this year. They won their first title in 1984, the last time they hosted the event, so it will be interesting to see how the home field advantage works out for them this time around.

Germany and Spain both performed well in the qualifiers and are both frontrunners, Germany because of their 2014 World Cup win, Spain because they are the two-time reigning champs at Euro. Italy haven't won Euro since 1968 and did poorly in the World Cup, but were the 2012 runners-up and have to be considered a possibility for victory thanks to their undefeated run in the qualifiers. And England, fresh off a perfect 10-win streak in the qualifying competition, might just have what it takes to win their first-ever European Championship.

Our Favorite Jerseys

If you are looking to pick out a Euro 2016 jersey, you probably already have allegiance to one of the teams Belgium Euro 2016 Jerseysthat will be competing next summer. If not, though, it's perfectly fair to look at the shirt designs and pick out the one that catches your eye most.

Spain especially went all-out with their Euro 2016 jerseys. The home shirt is the basic red and gold aesthetic we've seen before, but the away kit boasts a stunning modern aesthetic, with a beautiful graphic patterning of red, gold, white, and orange triangles. Made by Adidas, this shirt is one of the loveliest we've ever seen-Euro 2016 or otherwise. Striking new football jerseys from Russia, Denmark, and Germany are also worth a look.

Whether you are shopping for the football lover on your holiday gift-giving list, or simply buying for yourself, Soccer Box is your one-stop shop for Euro 2016 shirts.