Everton football club have had to come to terms with some big changes this season, this includes losing their manager of 11 Years, David Moyes to rivals Manchester United. The departure of Marouane FellainiEverton Football Souvenirs, one of Moyes's signings in 2008 for £15 million pounds also hit the club and players hard.

The fans were expecting to see him stay but it was clear Fellaini no longer wanted to play in the Everton soccer shirt. However since Everton  were under the new management of Roberto Martinez they seem to have done very well so far this season. 

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The fans seemed worried when they found that David Moyes was going to be leaving the club to manage Manchester United, they knew that Moyes could work wonders even without any money to spend on big stars, so when he left it was quite a shock.

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It was 5th June 2013 that Roberto Martinez was announced as the new Everton manager, he signed a four-year deal with the club that should see him at Goodison Park up until 2017.

His first game in charge saw Everton grab a point as they drew 2-2 away at Norwich on 17th August, after that all they have been is successful. It was only on Saturday 5th October that they played and lost under Martinez, against Manchester City.

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There we some key arrivals in September, specifically on the 2nd September when Gareth Barry joined from Manchester City and then they landed Romelu Lakaku. Both of these players are only currently on one season loans but this could change.

Lakaku has scored 4 goals in 3 games and is expected to score many more, he was just what Everton needed. You can purchase personalised Everton football souvenirs with dressing room pictures and other images featuring your favourite Blues star.

James McCarthy was another good player to join Martinez at Everton soccer club, this also happened on the 2nd September 2013. Martinez paid £13 million for the 22 Year old but he is yet to score his first Everton goal in the Everton soccer kit.

The team will be looking to pick back up this weekend after their loss to Manchester City as they face Hull City. The tigers have shown they are no push over as they sit in 8th place themselves, one point below Everton.

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