1. Premier League 2015-16 Week 25: Leicester City Beats Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur Leap into the Fray

    Has there ever been a Premier League season as tumultuous and unpredictable as this one? Starting with Chelsea's complete and utter collapse and continuing with surprisingly limp campaigns from both Liverpool and Manchester United, the 2015/16 English Premier League has been anything but a foregone conclusion. In fact, 25 weeks into the competition (and with only 13 games to go until the end of the season), the EPL title is still anyone's game.

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    Leicester City: Your New Frontrunners?

    Leicester City, previously part of the Premier League's so-called "middle class," have been one of the major game-changers this season. Spurred forward by a record-breaking scoring run from Jamie Vardy, the Foxes have been hanging around

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  2. The Biggest Signings of the January 2016 Transfer Window

    The January transfer window is never as eventful as the summer gap. Fewer teams dip into the market to flesh out their ranks or spend big on new stars, and fewer clubs are willing to let go of big stars. In other words, you're never going to see a Cristiano Ronaldo transfer in January, or any transfer fees that land in the top 10 or 20 of all time. Still, this year's January window was bigger than it has been in the past, with Premier League spending topping £1 billion for the first time ever. Read on to find out which clubs made the biggest signings of the month.

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    Pep Guardiola: Sure, he's not a player, but the deadline day announcement that Pep Guardiola is indeed on his way to Manchester City handily overshadowed everything that was going on in the

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  3. 2016 League Cup Semi Final News

    Following the fifth round of the 2015/16 League Cup, the draw for the tournament's semi-finals seemed to set up a natural championship rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City. Jurgen Klopp's Anfield squad crushed Southampton 6-1 in the quarterfinals, earning an easy berth in the semis. Manchester City, meanwhile, beat Hull City 4-1 to earn their semi-final spot. At the time, the Sky Blues were also enjoying a position at the top of the Premier League: they seemed like clear frontrunners to win the entire League Cup.

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    A Surprising Loss

    As the first legs of the League Cup semi-finals were played on January 5th and 6th, though, it became clear that the predicted Liverpool-Manchester City final might not be as set in stone as we might have thought. Man

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  4. Manchester City, Arsenal Shine in an Upset Free FA Cup 2016 Third Round

    Most of the Premier League's top football clubs sailed through the third round of the 2015/16 FA Cup easily over the weekend, with Manchester City, Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea, West Ham United, and others all cruising through to the fourth round of the Football Association tournament. Read on for a recap of the winners and losers of the weekend!

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    The Winners

    As usual, the Premier League's soccer teams got a bye into the third round, which means this is the first time in the 2015/16 FA Cup that we are seeing teams such as Man United, Arsenal, and others. Since so many of the league's top clubs were upset and eliminated in the fourth round of last year's FA Cup-including Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea-most of the Premier

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  5. Liverpool, Manchester City, Everton and Stoke City Advance to Semifinals of the 2015 Capital One Cup

    When Arsenal, Chelsea, and Leicester City all exited the 2015 2016 Capital One Cup in the fourth round of the tournament, you had to wonder whether or not this year might see a complete underdog win the League Cup. However, the remaining frontrunners had a week of smooth sailing in the quarterfinals, with Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, and Stoke City-all Premier League clubs-securing slots in the semifinals of the 2015 Capital One Cup.

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    Southampton vs. Liverpool

    The biggest victory of the round, rather surprisingly, belonged to Liverpool-perhaps providing more proof that Jurgen Klopp's revitalized squad could be domestic league contenders this season. The Reds were playing an away match and were drawn in the only quarterfinal game that included two top-flight teams. Nevertheless, Liverpool

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  6. Lucky Week 13 of 2015/16 EPL: Leicester City Get a Big Break in the English Premier League

    Manchester City and Arsenal-the football clubs that were sitting at the top of the Premier League table headed into this weekend-week 13 of 201516 EPL season proved to be thoroughly unlucky. Both teams lost, with Manchester City falling 1-4 against Liverpool and Arsenal stumbling to a 0-1 loss in an away game at West Bromwich Albion. The Sky Blues and the Gunners now occupy the third and fourth place spots on the table, respectively. It's the lowest Manchester City have dipped all season.

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    Lucky Leicester

    For many of the other most notable soccer clubs in the Premier League, though, week 13 proved to be surprisingly full of luck. Topping the list of fortunate teams are Leicester City, who beat Newcastle United 3-0 to scoot into first

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  7. Show Your Support With Everton Football Souvenirs

    Everton football club have had to come to terms with some big changes this season, this includes losing their manager of 11 Years, David Moyes to rivals Manchester United. The departure of Marouane FellainiEverton Football Souvenirs, one of Moyes's signings in 2008 for £15 million pounds also hit the club and players hard.

    The fans were expecting to see him stay but it was clear Fellaini no longer wanted to play in the Everton soccer shirt. However since Everton  were under the new management of Roberto Martinez they seem to have done very well so far this season. 

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