The 2014 season has already been an exciting and event filled one for fans of the English Premier League team Manchester City. After their landmark championship victory in 2011 things have been relatively quiet for The Citizens and their fans, but this year marks the start of a new era in Man City greatness. Finally, the table is set and the cards are stacked in Manchester City's favor, making the 2014 season a huge time for Man City fans.

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Manchester City Builds a Better Team

There's just no denying that before the team's most recent Premier League triumph they were experiencing what some might call a dry spell. Of course, Man City fans didn't see it that way, the team was simply resting, and preparing a winning team to take their club into the European record books. While Man City's last golden age did end in the 70's, fans believe that the team is ripe for yet another successful stretch.

Fans are encouraged to get out and show their love for the Manchester City football club. Kick up a little dust during your next friendly with the classic colors of the Manchester City away kit, and show everyone around what a true Man City fan looks like. Keep practicing, and you might just see your way onto the Manchester City squad yourself, because rumor has it; they're expanding.

Well, maybe it's a bit more than a rumor. Man City manager Manuel Pellegrini insists that now is the time for Manchester City to start building their all-star team, and fans seems to agree. Due to their recent acquisition by Abu Dhabi United, Manchester City became one of the wealthiest football clubs almost overnight and fans are excited to see which new and talented footballers will be wearing the Manchester City away football shirt

Man City Fans Make Some Noise

For a team that has been relegated both to and from the Premier League in the last 30 years, they maintain quite a large fan base one of the biggest in all of England, actually. Fans of Man City are notorious for their unconditional support and amusing antics that have been ongoing even through the team's darkest hour. In spite of being relegated twice in three seasons, a football census by Manchester City estimates that there are nearly 900,000 Man City fans in the UK, with over 2 million worldwide.

Fans of Manchester City were always the jovial type, unwilling or unable to let their team's apparent losing streak get them down. In fact, many members of the Man City Supporters Club quite enjoy the unpredictability of their favorite team's match records.  Fans dressed in the Manchester City away jersey 2013 2014 are sure to be a sight at this year's Man City away games, so why not join them for some old-fashioned football fun.

Even Man City's biggest rival, Manchester United, takes part in the hijacks put on by fans of The Citizens. Supporters from both sides take great pride in pranking each other on the eve and morning leading up to the Manchester Derby where the teams face off in a record smashing soccer friendly. The non-competitive, good-natured spirit of these games and the fans that attend them are what make Manchester soccer such an honored institution.

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