It took awhile, but it looks like the FC Barcelona scoring trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez has finally morphed into the kind of well-oiled machine that wins football championships. This past weekend, the three world-class strikers combined their talents seamlessly for a 5-0 home win against Levante. The victory put Barca above Real Madrid in terms of goal difference, and only one point behind on the 2014 2015 league standings table. Root for the football club to take the lead at last with an FC Barcelona shirt from Soccer Box!

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The 2014 2015 La Liga

Barcelona last won the La Liga title two years ago, in 2012 2013. Last season was Atletico Madrid's year, while 2011 2012 belonged to Real Madrid. Based on those outcomes, it seemed as if these top three Spanish football clubs had entered into some sort of unspoken agreement that they would trade off years for winning La Liga.

By that logic, 2014 2015 would be Real's time to shine, and shine the team has. Barca was on top of the league early on, but surrendered the lead in early November and hasn't won it back since.

In fact, for awhile, it seemed as if the wearers of the FC Barcelona shirt had no chance at all of returning to the dominant position in the soccer division. Real Madrid put together such a lengthy streak of wins (from mid-September through to the end of the year) that the team looked untouchable. Add the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo had singlehandedly given the Vikings an advantage in goal difference, and Barca's chances of claiming the 2014 2015 La Liga title seemed slim.


That's all started to change in the past month or so, and for a number of different reasons. First of all, Barca has been on quite a winning streak of its own lately. The team struggled with its return to competitive play after a Christmas break, losing to Sociedad in a January 4th away fixture.

However, as soon as the squad donned the Barcelona home jersey 2014 2015 for a January 11th fixture against Atletico, their momentum returned. They beat Atletico 3-1, giving home fans at Camp Nou something to cheer about.

Those same football fans have been cheering nonstop ever since. They've watched Barca achieve one big win after another, from a 6-0 away win over Elche, to this past weekend's at-home victory against Levante. The triumph over Levante was especially exciting, both for team members and for fans in the FC Barcelona shirt.

For one thing, the match displayed a perfect synergy between Messi, Neymar, and Suarez. Upon his arrival at Camp Nou, it wasn't clear how effective Luis Suarez was going to be in the Barcelona home jersey 2014 2015. He was coming off an incredible 2013 2014 season at Liverpool, but struggled to rack up goals during his first months in La Liga.

Even now, Suarez has only scored four points in league this season. However, he's now playing in perfect harmony with the other offensive stars of FC Barcelona. At this past weekend's home match with Levante, he came in with a goal at the 73-minute mark to seal the five-point victory. Along with one goal from Neymar, and a hat trick from Messi, it made for about the perfect soccer game.

The win boosted Barca to a +54 goal difference rating-the highest in the entire division. They also have 56 points in the standings, just one point shy of Real's 57. The Vikings lost big to Atletico a few weeks ago, and are still trying to recover. FC Barcelona might be able to exploit the weakness in the coming month or so, for a chance to take the lead.

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