8th December 2017.
In anticipation of Russia 2018 next summer, a host of new soccer jerseys are being released for the team's that have secured qualification. German sportswear manufacturer Adidas has got ahead of the game, and began launching shirts toward the end of 2017. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Adidas football shirts released to date are all home edition jerseys, and the designs embody the strengths, passions and heritage of each nation involved, with a clearly retro look. Below we take a look at some of the Adidas 2018 World Cup kits launched so far.

Argentina 2018 World Cup Home Kit

The advertising campaign launching the Argentina home kit for the 2018 World Cup was fronted by the infamous Lionel Messi. Messi, one of the greatest footballers to have ever graced a soccer field, and an icon in the history of Argentinian football, has never won a major trophy with his country. This disparity, in an otherwise unblemished career, is clearly referenced with the design of the Argentina 2018 home shirt.

Adidas has taken inspiration from team's 1993 Copa America jersey, winning that tournament marks the last big trophy won by the Argentine national team, you have to go back to 1986 for their most recent World Cup victory. Wearing a shirt based on the 1993 design, can Messi tick off 'World Cup Title' from his bucket list of footballing achievements? At the age of 31, and having already professed retirement once, 2018 is likely his last outing at a FIFA World Cup tournament, and his last opportunity to lift the trophy.

The base of the 2018 World Cup Argentina home shirt is white, and features three sky blue vertical stripes on the front. The stripes truly reflect a slightly cloudy sky as the blue is tinged with fluffy white accents. The Argentina crest sits on the right with the Adidas logo opposite, three black stripes adorn the shoulders. The deep v-shaped neckline is edged with wide-white trim squaring off the central stripe. The shirt will be teamed with black shorts and white football socks creating a fantastic kit that is sure to be popular with supporters.

Belgium 2018 World Cup Home Kit

Launched in early November, the Belgium home shirt is reminiscent of the teams 1984 jersey, and is red in colour with a diamond pattern across the chest. The Belgian crest sits in the centre of the shirt, with the v-shaped neckline finishing the modernisation of the retro look.

The Belgium national team have never won a World Cup title, and their best performance to date was finishing fourth in 1986. 2014 saw the team reach the quarterfinals with an outstanding display of determination and skill, while producing some exceptionally entertaining football. Reaching first place in FIFA Rankings in 2015, could 2018 be the year that Belgium lift the World Cup trophy?

Nothing is certain in the World Cup, but Adidas has prepared for a Belgian win with the outstanding design and style of the 2018 home kit. The shirt is teamed with coordinating red shorts and socks. The slightly darker shade of red for the Adidas stripes adds subtle branding allowing the team colours and style to dominate the design.

Colombia 2018 World Cup Home Shirt

Based on the well-loved 1990 Colombia home jersey the 2018 World Cup incarnation for Colombia is yellow with a bold three-stripe design on the upper part of the chest. The three stripes follow a red, blue, red pattern, and to modernise for the 2017/19 campaign Adidas has introduced thinner navy stripes within the stripes. Finished with navy blue Adidas shoulder stripes, the Colombian crest and Adidas 'Badge of Sport' logo on the chest, this 2018 home shirt is a must for all supporters of the Colombia national team.

The 1990's was the most successful period so far for Colombia at the World Cup with three consecutive qualifications. However, 2014 was their most successful appearance, with Colombia making it to the quarterfinals, and an overall 5th place finish. Can they maintain that momentum in Russia 2018?

Germany 2018 World Cup Home Kit

The German national team are the current World Cup holders after winning in Brazil 2014. They will be hoping to retain their title in 2018, and be the first team to win consecutive titles since the Brazilian squad in 1962. Winning in 2018 would also equal the Brazilian's record of five trophies. This adds up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup being a huge opportunity for Germany, and Adidas have produced the perfect home kit for the occasion.

Adidas took their inspiration for the Germany 2018 World Cup home shirt from the team's iconic 1990 World Cup jersey. The shirt is of course white, and includes a graphic design on the front made up of black horizontal lines, of varying thickness, creating a chevron like pattern with diamond cut-out shapes. This is modernized version of the design that was rendered in the black, red and yellow of the German flag on the original jersey.

The chevron pattern creates space for a monochromatic German crest, the Adidas three-stripes sit on the shoulders in black and the 'Badge of Sport' logo is opposite the crest. As the current holders' the shirt features the 2014 Champions badge, which is centrally placed on the front. Teamed with black football shorts and white socks, this kit looks fantastic. For reminiscing past achievements of the Germany squad, and cheering them on as they aim for World Cup success in 2018 Adidas has designed the perfect kit.

Spain 2018 World Cup Home Kit

The Adidas Spain home shirt for the 2018 World Cup has been inspired by another jersey made by the same manufacturer, the 1994 Spain shirt. The jersey is predominately red and features a yellow, blue and red diamond pattern from the neckline to the hem on the right side. In the 1994 edition the diamonds were solid coloured and clearly defined, this modernized 2018 version features red pinstripes and short vertical striped blocks of the other colours to create the pattern.

As in, the earlier edition the Adidas logo sits proudly in the middle of the shirt, with the Spain crest placed to the left. The crest is rendered in yellow and red, ensuring that it stands boldly on the front of the shirt. The rear of the jersey is plain red. The shaped neckline with overlap collar is consistent with other 2018 Adidas shirts, and offers a comfort fit for the Spain squad and fans alike.

Unlike at the 2014 World Cup where Spain wore a full red home kit, Adidas has reverted to tradition and paired the jersey with blue shorts and black socks. Both the football shorts and socks include two red and one yellow stripe to create the well-loved Adidas three-stripe logo. Whether it's the shirt or the full kit you're interested in, Adidas has done a superb job of creating a design that is sure to be fondly remembered for years to come whether Spain win the trophy or not.

Sweden 2018 World Cup Home Kit

Debuted prior to confirmation of qualification, the Sweden home kit 2017/19 offers a nostalgic feel with inspiration taken from several different designs that were worn throughout the 1980's and 1990's. Sweden secured their place in Russia 2018 wearing their new home kit, with a 1-0 aggregate play-off victory against Italy.

The Sweden 2018 home shirt is primarily yellow and includes a subtle jacquard pattern on the front. The v-shaped 1990's EQT inspired neckline, with blue trim, ensures a retro feel to this jersey. The Sweden football crest sits on the left of the shirt, with the Adidas logo on the right. The infamous 3-stripe logo is placed on the flanks of the shirt, similar to many recent editions of Adidas football shirt.

2018 will be the first appearance of a Sweden shirt in a World Cup finals since 2006. The team's previous highest placed finish was runner-up in 1958 when the tournament was hosted in Sweden. This yellow shirt teamed with blue shorts and yellow socks screams 'Sweden', and for fans there is no better way of showing support. Will 2018 be a trophy winning year for the Swiss? There is no-way of foretelling, but Adidas has designed a winning kit, it debuted to coincide with their qualification, and may prove to be 'dark-horse' of the contest.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Adidas football shirts Technology

Adidas is one of the major suppliers of football shirts for the 2018 World Cup. In addition to the team's listed above they will also supply jersey for Egypt, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco and hosts Russia, twelve teams in total. As a sporting giant Adidas soccer jerseys include the latest technology for performance on the football pitch. Player and supporter jerseys vary with different technological features to ensure maximum performance for the pro's and maximum comfort for fans.

In recent years AdiZero shirts have been the mainstay of professional shirts, and ClimaCool for replica jerseys. But, for the 2018 World Cup the company has launched ClimaChill and ClimaLite for authentic and replica options respectively. The differences between the two are explained fully here, or see below for a quick overview.

The ClimaLite replica jerseys are very similar to past editions and feature sweat wicking fabric, with mesh ventilation. The badges, crests and logos are fully embroidered for a high quality, wearable finish. These replica shirts retail at around £60/€70/$80 for adult sizes, and £42/€47/$55 for kids.

The big change has come in the replacement of AdiZero with ClimaChill for the Authentic player jerseys. The ClimaChill fabric offers a more plastic feel, with heat-transfer badges and logos. The cut is elongated for a tighter, body hugging fit. The fabric is designed for exceptional moisture wicking and ventilation keeping the wearer 'super-cool and dry'. These jerseys are available from some retailers at a price of around £100/€115/$135.

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