Seeing all the new FIFA World Cup kits is one of the joys that only comes around every 4 years for soccer fans. Each World Cup participating team releases a brand new set of football kit, specifically for the use in that years FIFA World Cup. Kit designers with Nike, Puma, Adidas, and other official kit sponsors put a lot of work into designing each teams World Cup kit, as teams and fans alike want to look good for the biggest international sporting event in the world.

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The Anatomy of World Cup Soccer Kit

Every 4 years, 32 of the world's leading football teams face off in the FIFA World Cup. No matter who is participating, or where the event is being held, one thing remains true: each participating team will have the eyes of the whole world watching them during their World Cup games. These teams, who are often sponsored by sports apparel companies themselves, go to great lengths to design and perfect their World Cup jerseys and kit not only so they look good when they take to the international pitch, but so that their fans can look good while showing support in the stands.

The kit designers at the top sports apparel firms in the world are faced with a challenging task in creating 32 unique football kits that are similar enough to each country's team colors as to still be recognized by fans, but different enough from their regular kit to show that they are playing on a special occasion. The 32 different World Cup kits that are released every 4 years are to become collectors' items for fans of each team. The kit designers at Joma did a fantastic job designing the Honduras 2014 World Cup home jersey. It's a perfect example of the kind of care and effort that goes into designing the World Cup football kits.

Each World Cup kit is designed with care because of what they represent to the fans that wear them. Qualifying for the FIFA World Cup is no easy feat, and even though some football teams qualify almost every time, others aren't so lucky. The fact is, there is no way for a fan to know when or even if their country will ever participate in the World Cup again, and since each team plays every World Cup game as if it is their last, the kit they wear is treated with the respect it deserves.

The Spotlights on Honduras's 2014 World Cup Kit Home Jersey

Honduras is widely regarded among Central American football teams as a serious contender on the international level. They have won several minor international tournaments, including the 2013 Central American games, and even beat out Brazil for 3rd in the 2001 Copa America quarterfinals. Despite their relatively impressive record, the Honduras national soccer team hasn't had much success at the FIFA World Cup, and has only ever qualified for the big dance twice before, making their World Cup kit all the more important to their excited fans.

A team that has only appeared on such a large stage twice will of course want to look their best when they take to the international pitch once again. They've entrusted their long time kit sponsor Joma to create a kit for both players and fans that will commemorate their potential victory at this year's World Cup. They did not disappoint, as the Honduras 2014 World Cup home jersey is classy, stylish and perfect for both players and fans in Brazil this summer.

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