In the Italian Serie A league, ACF Fiorentina isn't having the best season: after a fourth place finish in 2013 2014, the club's 2014 2015 run has so far seen them battling to retain a spot in the top 10. Even despite domestic struggles, it's still been a Fiorentina Third Shirt 2014 - 2015proud autumn to wear the Fiorentina football shirt. That's thanks to the football squad's performance in the early rounds of the 2014 2015 Europa League. In fact, the club has done so well in the group stage that they are now headed for the knockout phase!

The first games for the UEL knockouts aren't scheduled until late February, which means that the Lilies have a good amount of time to prepare. That preparation time applies to you, as well. If you are looking to root for the club in the upcoming Europa knockout phase, but don't have any gear with which to do so, have no fear! At Soccer Box, we have a number of different Fiorentina soccer shirt options, including the Fiorentina third jersey 2014 2015 and the purple team home jersey. Check out our selection online today.

The Europa League Run So Far

ACF Fiorentina has only won the Europa League title once, back in 1989 1990 when it was still known as the UEFA Cup. For that reason, fans in the Fiorentina football shirt have been thrilled to watch the success of their team in the 2014 2015 tournament so far.

The Lilies have excelled in the UEL so far. Earning a bye into the groups due to their fourth place finish in Serie A this past spring, the team arrived in Group K with something to prove. And prove it they did, winning four of their six matches, drawing one, and losing one. Rarely had the black and purple design of the Fiorentina third jersey 2014 2015 looked so strong.

Group K also included Guingamp (from France's Ligue 1), PAOK FC (from Superleague Greece), and Dinamo Minsk (from the Balarusian premier division). Interestingly, Guingamp ended up in second in K, but Fiorentina actually beat the French squad in both of their games together.

Also interesting was the fact that the wearers of the Fiorentina football shirt actually looked weaker in home matches than at away games. Indeed, the club drew with PAOK at home after winning the away fixture 1-0, and actually lost to Dinamo Minsk at home (1-2) after a big away victory (3-0). Minsk finished at the bottom of the standings.

Going Forward 

Then again, perhaps the Lilies are luckier while wearing the Fiorentina third jersey 2014 2015 than they are in the home shirt. Fans, officials, and players should consider that fact (and pick up a third jersey at Soccer Box) before play continues in the 2014 2015 UEL.

Now that the groups have all been played and decided, the draw has occurred for the knockout phase of the tournament. The knockouts will begin with a round of 32 in February, and Fiorentina has been drawn against Tottenham Hotspur. The games between the two teams will take place on February 18th (in England) and February 26th (in Italy).

In recent memory, Fiorentina and Hotspur have only faced each other head to head on one occasion. That game-a friendly fixture on August 7th, 2010-ended 3-2 in favor of the Spurs. Of course, Tottenham also had the home field advantage.

This time, the advantage-at least statistically-will be on the side of the Lilies. Since Fiorentina won their group and Tottenham came in second in theirs, the latter squad is higher seeded for the remainder of the tournament. The Lilies also scored more goals in the groups than the Spurs, 11 versus 9.

Will the Italian squad be able to best Tottenham and earn the right to advance to the next stage of the 2014 2015 UCL? We'll have to wait until February to find out, but in the meantime, you can stop by Soccer Box and pick up a brand new Fiorentina football shirt. Whether you are looking for a third shirt or a home jersey, you can find it here.