The Fiorentina football shirt has been worn proudly by soccer fans since the Fiorentina club was founded in 1926. The club has played on the top level for the majority of their time, although some money troubles in the past have led them to have difficulties in their competitive play. In fact, in 2002 the soccer club had to be re-founded under a new owner, a man in the shoe business named Diego Della Valle.

Despite this re-founding, the Fiorentina club has won multiple titles on the Italian stage. These include two Italian Championships, six Coppa Italia trophies, and one Italian Super Cup. The club has also won one UEFA Cup, but has only come close at any other time in the 1989-90 cup season. This year, fans hope for a revolution for those wearing the Fiorentina third football shirt 2013-14, available at Soccer Box as the club continues to build back up the squad.

La Viola

The Fiorentina team is perhaps most recognized by their purple home kit; however, the Fiorentina football shirt didn't start out that way. Originally it was designed to be half red and half white to symbolize the city emblem. In 1926 it was changed to purple, and it has remained that way ever since.

Fiorentina also has not had as many kit changes as some of the other clubs around Europe and South America. However, the purple might be even more recognizable than some of their soccer counterparts. This season their away jerseys are white and the Fiorentina third football shirt 2013-14 is a classy grey with a purple collar. The club is sponsored by the car company Mazda, which is emblazoned clearly on the chest of every player.

Bankruptcy to a New Beginning

The Fiorentina club has not always had a smooth ride. Following a less than fruitful couple of decades in the late 20th century, and having one of their star players sold to the opposing team, the entire club was sold to Cecchi Gori. The club changed coaches several times and eventually had some successes, however in 2001 the club's finances were so out of control that drastic measures had to be taken.

The club owed millions of dollars and could not pay its debts, or even the wages of the players. Cecchi's son Vittorio, who inherited the club after his father's death, tried to raise funds. Though he did manage to raise some money, it was not enough to pull the club out of bankruptcy. Fiorentina were relegated and the administration fell under judicial control. This meant that the club could no longer play in Serie B for the season.

The club was sold to Della Valle in 2002, and was re-established as the Associazione Calcio Fiorentina e Florentia Viola. Under this new control the club started gaining ground, and was admitted into Serie B and then eventually in 2005 into Serie A. Della Valle bought back the rights to the name Fiorentina and re-incorporated under the name ACF Fiorentina. The club went through a couple of gains and setbacks, including a scandal involving game fixing, but still managed to maintain their Serie A status.

In recent years the club has been adding more and more strong players to boost up the squad, including Marcos Alonso. They have lost a couple of good players, but they have also added strong strikers and defensive players to bolster their line. They finished in 4th place last season, so fans have high hopes and will be proudly wearing the Fiorentina third football shirt 2013-14 as they wait to move into the first place position by season's end.

Show Your Support

The Fiorentina club started strong, but had a few problems that they had to come back from. With their upward trend they look poised to become a serious contender for wins, but they will need the help of their fans to get back to where they should be. Soccer Box has everything needed to show love to this great club including training kits, accessories and merchandise, and the highly recognizable Fiorentina football shirt.