Fiorentina Home Shirt 2014 - 2015The Italian Serie A football league does not kick off for another month, the teams are currently on summer tours, making player transfers and honing tactics for the season ahead. However, kit manufacturers are busy launching the new merchandise including the Fiorentina football shirts that have just landed on the shelves at Soccer Box this week.

Fiorentina is nicknamed La Viola due to the vibrant purple colored home kit. The Fiorentina home jersey 2014 2015 is purple with gold flashes; it is a bold and modern design that looks spectacular. This is one of the most magnificent football shirts the team has ever worn, designed by Joma, you can get your shirt online today, but hurry they will sell fast!

First Match Outlook

Earlier this week the much anticipated fixture list was announced, informing each club who they would be playing at what point between August 30th 2014 and May 31st May 2015. This schedule is important for the club and fans and gives some idea of how the season may progress; in particular the first and last games are important. Whoever Fiorentina meet 1st or last they will play 38 games, home and away against the other 19 Serie A clubs.

The brand new Fiorentina home jersey 2014 - 2015 will not make its first Serie A appearance until the second match of the season. The first game for Fiorentina is an away tie against Roma. This is already gearing up to be one of the most intense matches of the Serie A kick-off week.

Roma versus the team wearing the Fiorentina football shirts has been an intense match-up for many years. The first such away tie happened in 1931, when Fiorentina had the better game winning 3-1. Overall, Fiorentina has beat Roma more times than they have lost, however, away from home the odds are slightly skewed toward a Roma victory.

Fiorentina and Roma both finished in the top 4 of last seasons Serie A table. Roma had the better finish in 2nd place with Fiorentina 4th, making this match-up even more exciting. Both teams will be desperate to win the 1st game of the season, and kick-off with a 3-point advantage.

It is certain that this match is the most exciting prospect of all the matches during that 1st weekend of Serie A play. With a month to go until kickoff both sides have plenty of time to prepare and get ahead of the game ready for the exciting season to come.

The Fiorentina home jersey 2014 2015 will get its first outing in week 2 against Genoa. Theoretically this game should elicit a win for Fiorentina, in recent seasons Fiorentina has had the better of these ties. However, the last match-up in January 2014 resulted in a 3-3 draw. Last season Fiorentina finished 4th in the table in comparison to Genoa's 14th, but the team needs to be prepared and at its best if they are to score a strong 6-points from their 1st 2 games.

Pre-Season Preperation

The Fiorentina football squad is currently in the midst of a South American pre-season tour. These tours give the opportunity of playing non-competitive friendly matches, and vital skills practice and team building. It is also a great opportunity to market the Fiorentina football shirts and the club as a whole to a wider audience, bringing in fans and vitally selling football shirts increasing the profile and profits of the club.

Pre-season tours are also a fantastic opportunity for new transfers to get some pitch team, and find their place in the squad before facing an eager must-win Serie A audience. One new arrival to Fiorentina this summer is Josh Brillante. Brillante is an Australian defensive midfielder that has joined Fiorentina this summer.

Brillante made his debut in South America, playing 90 minutes against Estudiantes he played notably well and is already emerging as one of the great hope for the 2014 2015 season. Fiorentina will also face Palmeiras and Universitario before the South American tour comes to an end.

With a month to go now is your opportunity to get prepared. At Soccer Box we have the brand new home and away Fiorentina football shirts in stock