ACF Fiorentina has only won the Serie A title on two occasions, back in the 1950s and 1960s, respectively. Since then, the club has spent the majority of its time in the middle of the pack for Italy's top football division. That changed over the past two years, when the wearers of the Fiorentina home kit finished in fourth place during back-to-back seasons. For 2014 2015, though, the Lilies have gotten off to a slow start, and have fallen back to a mid-table position as a result.

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Slow Start

Right now, we are 12 weeks into competitive play for the 2014 2015 Serie A soccer season. So far, the Fiorentina squad has amassed a nicely symmetrical record of four wins, four draws, and four losses. It's not the worst record they could have: indeed, they are still sitting in the top 10, albeit narrowly. However, it is notably weaker than the manner in which the club started the 2013 2014 football season.

Indeed, at this point last fall, the Lilies had won seven football matches, drawn three, and lost only two. The club ultimately ended the 2013 2014 season with a record of 19-8-11. That was a slight step down from the squad's 21-7-10 record in 2012 2013, but it was good enough to keep the team and their Fiorentina home kit in the top five, and give hope to youth soccer fans!

Momentum Frustrations

Of course, it's early enough in the season that the Lilies could still turn things around and end up back in fourth place come May of 2015. However, to do that, the club will need some extra fan support, and you can find that in the form of a Fiorentina youth home jersey 2014 2015 at Soccer Box!

The frustrating thing about Fiorentina's recent struggles is that the team looked unstoppable during the offseason. Indeed, during the summer, the squad won all of their friendly matches-including a fixture with La Liga heavyweights, Real Madrid.

Part of the issue this fall is that the Lilies haven't had much of a chance to build up a good surge of momentum. They were somewhat sabotaged having to open the season with an away match against Roma-one of the only teams that beat them twice last season.

The 0-2 loss against Roma set a poor precedent for Fiorentina's 2014 2015 run, and that negativity has infected the team in home and away matches alike all autumn long. For instance, in a week two match against Genoa, players donned the Fiorentina home kit looking for a win, but came away with a disappointing 0-0 draw. Because Fiorentina beat Genoa 5-2 a year ago, the at-home draw was particularly disheartening.

Future Outlook

Not that the Lilies have simply given up for the year, though. On the contrary, they won big at the beginning of October, in a 3-0 home match against Inter Milan. Another 3-0 home victory, this one against Udinese, was the club's other big triumph this fall.

Fiorentina has also won away fixtures, against Atalanta and Hellas Verona. Both were narrower wins than the aforementioned home fixtures, so maybe the Fiorentina youth home jersey 2014 2015 is just good luck.

Unfortunately, Fiorentina will need a little bit more than good luck to win their next home match. On December 5th, the team will play Juventus-a club that is not only the current division leader, but also the reigning Serie A champion.

Luckily, Fiorentina has easier matches on either side of the Juventus fixture (against Cagliari and Cesena), so the squad should be able to compensate for a defeat. Still, you can root for the Lilies with a new Fiorentina home kit or away jersey, available at Soccer Box. We even have special youth versions of the home jersey, for younger football fans in your life.