ACF Fiorentina hasn't won an Italian national football championship since the 1960s, but last season saw the team getting Fiorentina Third Shirt 2014 - 2015close to a podium position in Serie A. It was a good year for Fiorentina, ending with a record of 19 wins, 8 draws, and 11 losses. The team was still trailing markedly behind the top three finishers-Juventus, Roma, and Napoli-but the 2013 2014 football season still gave fans hope that they might soon be seeing the Fiorentina soccer kit on the Serie A podium.

Now, with the 2014 2015 season underway in Serie A, fans can get their hands on the latest versions of the Fiorentina football uniform. Soccer Box has a full selection of Fiorentina gear, including the team's purple home jerseys and white away shirts. We also have stock of the Fiorentina third jersey 2014 2015, a black jersey with purple trim that provides a cool twist on the usual Fiorentina colors. Fiorentina's kit manufacturer, Joma, makes all three jerseys.

Season Struggles

As you'll see upon your first visit to Soccer Box, the Joma Fiorentina football jerseys look great. Unfortunately, the actual Fiorentina team has not been looking quite as strong this year, having only won a single match in Serie A so far.

That's not to say that ACF Fiorentina has been going through a losing streak. On the contrary, other than a 2-0 loss in Fiorentina's season opener against Roma, the team has mostly been adding tallies to the "draw" column.

The fact that Fiorentina is tying most of its early matches this year is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the club's defense has been working overtime, and the lack of losses has kept Fiorentina in 10th place on the current Serie A standings table.

The problem is that Fiorentina has left more than half of its matches so far as a scoreless team. The 2-0 defeat against Roma was one thing, since Roma is consistently one of the best teams in Italian football. However, 0-0 draws against Genoa and Sassuolo present greater cause for concern among fans of Fiorentina. Genoa ended last season in 14th place in the final Serie A standings, while Sassuolo finished 17th place-just shy of relegation.

These two teams should have been easy opponents for a top-five club like Fiorentina to beat. However, the scoreless draws against both suggest that there may just be no strong offensive football players donning the Fiorentina third jersey 2014 2015 this year.

A Dearth of Offensive Players 

In the five games that Fiorentina has played thus far during the 2014 2015 Serie A season, only two players in the Fiorentina soccer kit have scored goals. Worse, each of them has only scored one goal.

The first point came in a 1-0 win against Atalanta, a match that also marked Fiorentina's only win of the season so far. Jasmin Kurtic, a midfielder on loan from Sassuolo, scored the winning goal.

The other goal on the side of the Fiorentina third jersey 2014 2015 came in Fiorentina's most recent match: an away fixture at Torino. Khouma Babacar delivered the goal, which equalized the score at the 78-minute mark and saved Fiorentina from a second loss.

The Absence of Giuseppe Rossi 

Two goals in five weeks of Serie A play is not a particularly impressive stat, especially given the fact that Juventus has scored five times that en route to the top slot in the current season standings. Part of the issue is that Fiorentina's top goal scorer, Giuseppe Rossi, is out injured for the time being.

Last season, Rossi led Fiorentina to its fourth-place finish on the Serie A table by scoring 16 league goals. Unfortunately, Rossi also suffered a knee injury last season, forcing him to miss the World Cup and the beginning of this season as well. The most recent news is that Rossi could miss another five months of play, thanks to a knee operation. In other words, Fiorentina will need to find a way to win football fixtures without Rossi, because he's not coming back soon.

Is there another star striker who can lead Fiorentina to a strong 2014 2015 Serie A finish? Time will tell if one will emerge, but you can root for the team until then by purchasing a new Fiorentina soccer kit from Soccer Box!