Last spring, when ACF Fiorentina finished in fourth place in the standings for the 2013 2014 Serie A, they narrowly missed out on a chance to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. As a consolation prize, Fiorentina (also known as Viola) earned qualification into the 2014 2015 UEFA Europa League tournament, and from the looks of things, that's a good place for them. The football club has won its first three matches in the competition, and fans can celebrate by purchasing a brand new Fiorentina training kit or home top at Soccer Box!

Soccer Box has a range of Viola football gear available this year, from training gear to the home kit and away jersey variations that players will actually be wearing throughout the season. We are particularly fond of the Fiorentina training top 2014 2015, a slick black and purple training kit from Joma that fans will wish was the team's home jersey!

Fiorentina Training Kit

Europa League Successes

Clearly, the Viola training kit was worn a lot this summer during practice sessions. The football club has arrived for the group stages of the UEL competition looking better than ever. And despite the mixed bag that Fiorentina's 2014 2015 Serie A season has been thus far, the early tournament successes are keeping soccer fans excited for what's to come.

Last year, the Fiorentina soccer squad exited UEL contention in the round of 16, losing to their Italian rivals from Juventus. They did, however, amass a near-perfect record in the group stages, winning five matches and drawing one.

From the looks of it, players spent the offseason practicing in the Fiorentina training top 2014 2015 and shooting for a do-over. And so far, that do-over is moving right along the soccer club has so far won all of its football games in UEL Group K.

The Wins

Group K includes four teams: Fiorentina (from Italy), Guingamp (from France), PAOK (from Greece), and Dinamo Minsk (from Belarus). Viola has now shown that they have what it takes to beat all three other clubs, and will merely need to do so again in order to secure a spot in the knockout phase of the 2014 2015 UEFA Europa League.

The team secured their first UEL win of the season back in September, playing Guingamp at their home stadium, Firenze while wearing their away kit. Fans packed the stands, wearing the Fiorentina training kit or home top, and cheering their squad toward a victory.

Those cheers were answered. Viola dominated the game, outplaying Guingamp at every turn. Goals from midfielders Juan Vargas, Juan Bello, and Filippo Bernardeschi won the match 3-0 in favor of the Italian club.

Things fell similarly in favor of Fiorentina at an October 2nd away match against Dinamo Minsk. Bernardeschi scored another goal, and midfielders Alberto Aquilani and Josip Ilicic provided their own points to secure another 3-0 victory.

Finally, Viola played another away fixture, this time against the Greek squad, PAOK. The match wasn't as thrilling for Italian football fans as the other two, ending in a score of 1-0. However, it was another win for Fiorentina, and Juan Vargas added his second goal of the 2014 2015 Europa League. Not bad for a Thursday afternoon match!

Upcoming Fixtures

The Fiorentina squad now has a little breather before their next UEL match. That game is scheduled November 6th, and will see a rematch with PAOK. This time, Italian fans will be able to don the Fiorentina training top 2014 2015 and cheer from the stands once more. It will only be their second home match of the 2014 2015 Europa League so far.

Right now, Fiorentina is miles ahead in Group K, and there isn't much that could derail the soccer team's path to the knockout stages. Meanwhile Guingamp, the second place team in Group K, has one win, one draw, and one loss.

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