football bootsSports shoes are specially designed pieces of equipment made specifically for protecting your feet whilst playing sports such as football.  Soccer shoes as they are known in America, such as the Puma Black evoSpeed 5 FG Mens Football Boots are each designed with specific features for playing on different surfaces, in different conditions and at different levels of ability. 

Football boots today come in a huge range of styles and colours to suit different tastes, they are made by large sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma.

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Soccer players may want to look stylish on the pitch with good looking sports shoes however, when you shop for soccer shoes it is of vital importance to consider other elements to ensure you are buying the right football boots for your needs.

The Puma Black evoSpeed 5 FG Mens Football Boots are a well-priced soccer shoe suitable for men's Sunday league or five a side teams, the black and orange colour scheme is bold and will stand out on the pitch.

Leather is often the material of choice as it is durable, water resistant, comfortable to wear and moulds to your feet, however, synthetic fabrics are now commonplace and make good substitutes.  The synthetic fabric used in these boots is lightweight and durable and provides an anatomical fit, fitting your feet perfectly for comfort on the pitch.

Which type of stud is also a major consideration when purchasing football boots, some soccer shoes are fitted with moulded studs, others have screw in studs that are either made from hard rubber or metal.

Screw in studs are better on soft, muddy pitches as they provide better grip, on hard pitches screw in studs can give the feeling of running on pebbles which is uncomfortable and impedes performance.

The Puma Black evoSpeed 5 FG Mens Football Boots are designed with moulded studs, soccer shoes with moulded studs are ideally used on hard ground and are also perfect for using on artificial or synthetic pitches.  Moulded studs are less likely to get stuck in artificial turf, and therefore reduce the risk of injuries caused by twisting.

Ideally for players who play regular soccer on various types of surface or pitch it is better to have more than one pair of football boots, wearing the right type of stud for different surfaces will protect your feet and prevent unnecessary injuries to feet, knee or hip joints.

The correct stud type will also be more comfortable and will help to enhance your performance on the pitch.

Purchasing correctly sized football boots is also vital, wearing a soccer shoe that is too small will cramp and squeeze your toes causing discomfort and increase the likelihood of injuries.

Wearing a boot that is too large may cause the foot to move around excessively, this reduces the players ability to move quickly, and control the ball accurately.

Ideally football boots should be tried on in conjunction with thicker football socks, they should be deep enough to securely encase the foot, and there should be a thumbs width between the end of the toes and boot.

Most importantly soccer shoes should be comfortable to wear whilst playing football. Take your time when you shop for sports shoes, try on different brands until you find the perfect ones to fit your feet.

Do you have a preferred brand or style of soccer shoes?

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