Football has been around for years and kits have changed rapidly over time. When football first began most football club merchandise like football shirts were quite plain and did not feature things like sponsors and logos. Clubs in the Premier League were driven by commercial concerns and started to use manufacturers logo's on their shirts, many other clubs followed. There is a large difference now when you look at a recent football shirt compared to an old one. Football shirt printing has also become very popular over the years. It was around 1967 when football clubs started to feature logos on their shirts, this would usually just be something small not like the shirts you see today. In the 1980s manufacturers Hummel and Adidas began to design shirts with a difference, as new technology led to the introduction of such design elements as shadow prints and pinstripes. Along with this new shorts were designed, they got shorter and shorter and by the 1980's all teams were wearing these short shorts. However in the 1991 FA Cup Tottenham Hotspur players lined up in new design baggy shorts, and within a few months clubs started to adopt this new look that Tottenham Hotspur had started.

A lot of the clubs started adding player's numbers to the front of their shorts which became another popular thing when it came to football merchandise. As i mentioned previously football shirt printing has become very popular and most clubs have these now. It includes the player's name and number and makes it a lot easier for spectators to work out which player is who. The first set of shirts that featured football shirt printing were two teams that took part in the F.A Cup final on the 18th April 1993, they included the player's name and numbers. After this more and more teams started to follow in their footsteps and use football shirt printing for their players. In 1993 up to 1997 clubs were able to make up their own printing fonts and have any style they wanted, there were some wacky styles, some were liked and some not so much. In 1997 there were new rules brought in and from now on clubs were only allowed to use official 'Premier league' printing.

The first Premier League printing style was used from 1997 up until 2007 and then it was changed to the newer style which is still used today. International and National football teams still use their own printing styles, teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid have their own unique football printing styles. Clubs have made a lot of money from football shirt printing as it has become more and more popular. Many football fans will now get their football shirts printed by sportswear retailers and either use their own name and number or the name and number of their favourite player. Some of the most popular footballer's to be printed including Messi, Lampard and Ronaldo, however the most popular name to be printed was announced to be Manchester United's Wayne Rooney. Printing on shirts is a great way of establishing a player on the pitch and we think it will continue as long as football does.
What are your opinions of football shirt printing?

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