premier leagueAs sad as it is to see the season come to an end for many fans there is always excitement when it comes down to the transfer window. This is where all teams get the chance to discuss their options and talk with another club if they have interest in a player. This can often influence football supporter's decisions on which football shirt they will purchase and whether they will buy additional printing. With shock signings and transfer requests during the summer window, a fan may buy a jersey from their favourite team with their favourite player's name and number on the back, only for the player to move during the transfer window. This can be quite annoying and the fan may decide that they want to buy a football shirt supporting the same player but at a different team, this then doubles to amount of shirts being bought by one person but when there are thousands and thousands of people purchasing new shirts and kits every year the shops will make millions.

All clubs will release a home and away kit, unless they had put two years on their last kit which would run for another extra year. However some clubs even release a third kit, some people believe this is just a money making scheme but a lot of people tend to buy these as an extra. Big passionate fans like to order all three kits; the third kit is not usually used that often but is just there as a backup if the manager wants the team to wear something different.

There is plenty of money in it for shops selling shirts and kits, a kids shirt will cost you around £35-40 pound, shorts would be around £18-20 and the socks would be approximately £10-12. Adult shirts can vary from around £50-55. With all the millions of people ordering new Premier League Football Kit every day at these prices the retailers and clubs are making some good money.

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