football kitsOver recent years there has been much debate and discussion surrounding the decreasing emphasis of sport in schools and the increasing number of children who are classified as overweight.  There are a number of new initiatives intended to encourage increased sport activity in schools.  Getting into kids football kits and other sportswear at school is aiming to help all children increase their activity levels. 


It is recommended that children are physically active for at least one hour every day, however recent research has found that only 51% of children meet this target. The percentage of girls meeting the recommended target is significantly lower than that for boys.


Schools can help boost this percentage and improve the health of children by promoting activities such as soccer, getting children into football kits and getting them active every day.


From the start of this academic year for two years the government are giving primary schools extra funding, specifically for improving sports and physical education provision in schools.


Sports and PE provision is also to become an increased focus for Ofsted inspectors who will be looking to see children enjoying putting on football kits or their sportswear and being encouraged to be active regularly throughout the school day.


The Premier League recognises that getting youngsters playing in kids football kits is a great way of boosting the grassroots sport. Grassroots soccer has also been declining over the years, and is now impacting upon the talent coming into soccer academies.


The lack of talent coming through to wear the England national football kits is particularly worrying, over recent years there has been a drive to encourage not only youngsters but also adults to get into a football jerseys and join a local team.


Team football kits can be prohibitively expensive for some schools and families.  In order to help alleviate this problem, and to reduce the need for families or schools to shop for kids football kits, several organisations run schemes providing sports kit and equipment for local schools and teams.


The Premier League Players Kit Scheme is a scheme whereby Premier League football stars donate money for buying kit and equipment for local grassroots soccer teams including school clubs, it aims to support people in deprived areas to get involved in football.


Kits4schools is another programme that uses business sponsorship to provide free soccer kits for schools, each successful school to apply will receive a top brand set of fifteen jerseys, shorts and socks, plus goalkeeper outfit and training bibs completely free of charge.


This is a great programme, and others such as those run by supermarkets giving free sports equipment to schools are all helping boost the health of British school children.


Whether your child wants to play in a local or school team, getting into their football kits and playing soccer is a great way of getting fitter and healthier.  Top players from the Premier League and around the globe are passionate about encouraging youngsters into the beautiful game, encourage your child to be healthier by getting them a soccer kit and encouraging them to join in with this team sport.


What do you think of the new initiatives designed to encourage youngsters to play more sports?


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