real madrid quilt coverWith so many various options now available for shoppers including the internet there has been a decline in shoppers using retail outlets. A few years back many people would not have used online shopping, they thought that it was unsafe and were very wary of putting in their card details. Customers travelled to shops, this has always been a good way of shopping as you get to see exactly what you are buying. This has been the same with all shops including sports shops. Football shirts are available to buy online or in the shops, there are pros and cons to each method.

With technology updating all of the time customers and businesses have been introduced to certain companies who provide services which help by keeping your money and bank details protected, for example PayPal. Customers can choose this as a method of payment, their money gets paid to the seller and they always have the chance to retrieve this if something happens to go wrong.  Most companies will accept this method of payment. Sage Pay is another company used by businesses as a safe way of taking customers payments, there are features within this that helps check customer details and decide whether the order is safe to go ahead or not.

As well as all of the services that have been brought in to keep your personal and banking details safe there are other great pros about internet shopping, you have all of the time in the world to choose what you would like to order. In shops this is often difficult with other members of the public also having a look around, at home you can browse internet shops at your own leisure and take as long as you like to pick. When you choose an item online it can often be hard to pick to right size, you may know your body size for different clothing items but with the large variety of different brands this can be hard as sizes do vary. However when you receive your item the retailer will often send a returns form along with your parcel, if your item does not fit or it is not suitable you can return it easily using recorded delivery. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are often accessible from online stores so if you do have any problems ordering you can ring the shop and explain your enquiry.

An advantage to football fans shopping in high street stores is that they can see products they are purchasing and know they are not faulty or damaged, for example if a supporter was to buy a Real Madrid Tumbler Twin Pack, they would be able to see if any of the glass was smashed or broken. When it comes to worldwide delivery of football souvenirs they can often become damaged, this would be more effort on the customer's part having to send it back and then waiting for either a refund or replacement.

What do you think? Do you prefer Internet or High Street shopping? Have you ever ordered a football souvenir online and received it damaged?

We would love to know your thoughts.