Many professional footballers have seen their careers end as a result of a bad football injury, this could be self-inflicted, for example falling badly on your ankle during training and breaking or fracturing a bone. It could also happen during a match, another player may cause you serious injury with a bad tackle, such as a slide in your shin and this may not have been done purposely but can still cause significant harm. Shin pads are a great way of ensuring this does not happen and most surprisingly, socks. Yes socks are only made up of soft materials but it has been proven that they can help prevent injury during football. The Newcastle United home soccer socks are a great example of a product you could look in to purchasing to ensure your safety during your favourite sport.

The main point of football socks has always been to hold the shin pads in place. However these days most shin pads strap around the leg and some depending on your preference strap around the ankles too and underneath the heel.

Shin pads are a must have in football; they protect the shins which are important bones in the legs and can become easily injured in soccer if not protected. Some people use tape to ensure their socks do not come down; therefore neither do the shin pads.

The best shin pads to purchase which are available from most sports stores are the ankle shin pads, these usually fasten around the back of the calf with Velcro and feature the ankle protecting section which cups your ankle and fastens underneath the heel.

It is not just the shins and ankles that need protecting, your feet are a major part of your body and if you are a soccer lover then you will want to be protecting these during all football matches.

You may not have ever thought of them like this but your socks can also play quite an important part in keeping you safe and protected during soccer. They can help prevent you from  being scratched and cut by studs from soccer boots.

Soccer socks have become quite a fashionable item in some ways, as much as fans eagerly await the releases of the new soccer jerseys they also wait to find out what their teams new shorts and socks will look like.

The design of sports socks can vary, some are made with cotton, some Nylon, Polyester and Elastane. These days' socks made by big named manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas tend not to be made using cotton.

Nike have their fantastic Dri Fit socks which are made from 75% Nylon, 22% Polyester and 3% Elastane. These are very popular and wick sweat away from the skin keeping them dryer for longer. These are available directly from the Nike shop or most other sports retailers.

As well as the integrated Dri Fit they also feature a special ergonomic fit, this means they have been designed with specific right and left feet and will fit your feet perfectly. They have been designed with compression fit which helps supports your calf fantastically during soccer.

Additionally on the foot area of the socks there are some areas which have been designed to be thicker than the rest, these are on the heel, in the area where your biggest toe sits and on the ball of your foot.

These are areas of the foot which can become injured if not protected, it is less likely to injure your foot than your ankle, however it is possible and this can help prevent it from happening.

The cushioned pads also offer you maximum comfort and will help your feet to cope with the pressure that may be on them whilst you are playing sport and running on them, investing in some good soccer socks is a great idea if you want to give 100% in a game and remain injury free.

Puma, who have designed the new Newcastle United Home Soccer Socks 2013-14 offer great support, they too offer the ergonomic fit with the right and left feet. There is also padding around the foot and ankle area giving you ultimate protection and comfort.

It is always good to look at a variety of different football socks and decide which ones you buy depending on the style and design of them, some will not protect as good as others if they are made from thinner material.

So remember these socks may not be your ideal choice of clothing but they are a must have in football and will protect your legs and feet.

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