Nike are an American sportswear company, they were founded in 1964 and have grown into a multi billion dollar global brand supplying products for many different sports and leisure activities.  They are one of the leading football kit manufacturers for clubs worldwide, and their soccer equipment is some of the best available, used by amateurs and professionals.

The company invest heavily in research and development to produce equipment with the latest innovations for professional clubs and leagues whilst also producing better value ranges allowing everyday fans and consumers to purchase products such as the Barcelona Away Prestige Football, boots and training kit.

The brand new Nike footballs range has recently been unveiled, the company will be supplying balls for use in the biggest, best and most popular leagues for use on the pitch by top stars from the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A. The new Incyte ball is available to purchase for around £100, however they have also made cheaper replica versions called Strike for each league, these bargain Nike footballs are available for fans to purchase for around £18 each.

The new Nike footballs Incyte range are claimed to be the most technologically advanced balls to ever be produced for use on the pitch.  The Premier League version uses white, purple and orange colours with specially depth enhanced graphics that are designed so the players can more easily spot the soccer ball during game play, this is said to lead to better reaction times and faster decision making.  This has been named Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology.

Other benefits of the new Incyte Nike footballs includes five layer technology to improve the players first touch, enabling the ball to be bought under control more easily.  The surface layer has a higher elasticity content and micro textured casing, this is designed for better air flow around the ball and subsequently better control for the player enabling them to more easily and effectively direct the ball where required.

These top quality balls are also perfectly spherical in shape for faster, and more accurate movement through the air.  Perhaps most impressively these balls are designed to store energy from the first touch impact and release it when launched, producing a more powerful strike.

The Strike range looks visually the same as the top Incyte range, and are available in the colour schemes of each of the top league Incyte balls.  The striking graphics improve vision of the ball for earlier reaction, the traditional 32 panel, machine stitched design is complimented with a rubber bladder for excellent shape retention and durability. This great value ball is available in a range of sizes to suit players of all ages and ability.

Whether you are looking for a top quality match ball or a cheap everyday ball for kicking around with friends or the kids the Nike football range is sure to have a suitable choice.  Whether buying a lower priced ball or a higher end specification by buying a ball manufactured by Nike you can be guaranteed you are getting a good quality, technologically engineered product, produced by an ethically responsible global company.

One of Nike's most successful current footballs is the Barcelona Away Prestige Football designed in the away strip colours.

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