Next May, the Fortuna Dusseldorf football club will celebrate the 120th anniversary of its founding, and in recognition of that Fortuna Dusseldorf Home Shirt 2014 - 2015impending milestone, Soccer Box has added the Fortuna Dusseldorf football shirt to our product stable. The shirt will appear prevalently in the upcoming season of Germany's 2 Bundesliga league. Which, is the second division of German soccer, and will be worn by a team fighting for promotion back to the top flight Bundesliga division.

Specifically, Soccer Box now carries the Fortuna Dusseldorf home jersey 2014 2015, a vintage-looking kit manufactured by Puma. The shirt is a vibrant, fire engine red color, with a red and white checker pattern on the sleeves. It also includes Fortuna Dusseldorf's red and white "F95" logo, which commemorates the 1895 founding of the team. As is common with Puma soccer uniforms, the shirt was made with dryCELL technology that keeps it comfortable at all times.

An Elastic Legacy

When you buy a Fortuna Dusseldorf football shirt from Soccer Box, you are buying into one of the most interesting legacies in all of professional football. Few football clubs either in German association football or in any other league throughout Europe or around the world have seen a string of relegations and promotions as long as Fortuna Dusseldorf's.

Indeed, since the founding of the Bundesliga in the early 1960s, Fortuna Dusseldorf has flitted back and forth between the first tier and the second tier, swapping divisions five times between the mid-1960s and the early 1990s. The team dipped to the third tier in the 1993 1994 season, but bounced back the following year, competing in the second division in 1994 1995 and even earning promotion to the top Bundesliga tier for the 1995 1996 and 1996 1997 seasons.

The troubles for the Fortuna Dusseldorf shirt weren't over after that brief jaunt to the third tier and back again, though. On the contrary, the team dropped back down to the second tier in 1997, fell into the third tier in 1999, and plummeted all the way to the fourth division for the 2002 2003 and 2003 2004 seasons.

The Next Step?

Over the decade that followed those disappointing seasons, Fortuna Dusseldorf fought its way back up the ladder of German football, earning promotion after promotion before finally ending up back in the top Bundesliga division, for a single year, in 2012 2013. Now, after a sixth place finish in 2 Bundesliga during the 2013 2014 season, fans are merely hoping that their team is not preparing for another drop down the ladder, and that the Fortuna Dusseldorf home jersey 2014 2015 will instead mark another return to the top of the 2 Bundseliga table and another promotion to the Bundesliga division.

Still, while Fortuna Dusseldorf's yo-yo-like history has certainly been trying for longtime fans, it has earned the team a unique claim to fame in the annals of German soccer history. No other team has ever been relegated from Bundesliga down to tier four, and then fought their way back to the top division. It's not a legacy that speaks much of consistency, but it does prove that Fortuna Dusseldorf is never a team that can be written off or counted out.

With that in mind, fans are wondering what next season and the Fortuna Dusseldorf home jersey 2014 2015 have in store. The last three seasons have been anything but steady for the German soccer team, so it is difficult to predict where they will go next.

After all, a strong 2011 2012 season in 2 Bundesliga (16 wins, 14 draws, and 4 losses) landed Fortuna Dusseldorf in third place for the division and earned the team a slot in a promotion play-off. Fortuna earned the promotion, but wasn't ready for the pressures of the top division, ending the season with a record of 7-9-18, and facing relegation once more. Finally, this past season, Fortuna Dusseldorf's sixth place finish and unremarkable 13-11-10 record leave doubts about whether or not the team can again top the division and earn promotion.

Of course, like we said, it's impossible to count Fortuna Dusseldorf out completely, and if you think this German team has what it takes to return to the top division, then stop by Soccer Box today for a brand new Fortuna Dusseldorf football shirt.