France Soccer JerseysThe World Cup qualifying games are a very important part of the World Cup competition and anything can happen.

Football teams that would be usually classed as the 'underdogs' get the chance to play a range of other soccer teams and sometimes the most unexpected teams can get through to the next stages.

People of all ages including young children will be tuning in to watch the World Cup soccer games in 2014.

In the run up to the competition you can get prepared with a range of football kits for kids, adults and even young infants.

The qualifying teams will be fully finalised ahead of the draw on December 6th.

Teams that will definitely take part in the World Cup include Brasil, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Columbia, Ecuador, Japan, Argentina and many more. Some won automatic qualification such as Germany and England who finished top of their group.

There are still some fixtures to play which are the second legs and will ultimately decide who goes through to the World Cup, you could say some of the teams left in the play-offs are shock candidates.

The fans will have to show support with their France soccer jerseys as they take on Ukraine in the second leg of their play-off.

In the first leg on the 15th November 2013, we saw a shock result when Ukraine netted two past France. You would probably say that the French team out on the field looked strong with the likes of Ribery, Pogba, Remy, Nasri, Giroud, Lloris, Koscielny all playing in the starting 11.

The game was played at the Olympic Stadium and kicked off at 7.45pm; it was steady during the first half both teams getting a couple of chances each.

The deadlock did not break until the 61st minute when Ukraine's Aparecida Holovskyi played a through ball to Roman Zozulya who then side-footed the ball in to the back of the net, he was very happy and the team celebrated in their France soccer jerseys.

Roman Zozulya was creating all kinds of problems for the French defence; it went from bad to worse for France when Arsenal's Laurent Koscielny brought down Zozulya in the penalty area in the 82nd minute.

The referee called for a penalty and it was Ukraine's Andriy Yarmolenko who converted from the spot and scored their second goal.

Things were starting to look worrying for France, their fans too. Minutes later in stoppage time things really were topped off when Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny received a red card for hitting Olexandr Kucher in the face after already receiving his yellow card for the foul earlier on.

Olexandr Kucher, victim of the previous foul by Koscielny soon carried on but went on to foul France's Mathieu Valbuena two minutes later giving himself a second yellow and a red which saw him leave the pitch.

This put a slight downer on Ukraine's perfect night but this won't stop the Ukrainians celebrating the win of the first leg. Aggressive actions like this should be prevented in soccer in order to stop football kits for kids being purchased by children who may copy the actions of their idols.

The France team wore their home kit yesterday and their preferred blue Nike soccer jerseys, who knows which kit we will see them in tomorrow when they place Ukraine again but inside the Stade de France, Paris.

Manager of the France soccer jerseys, Didier Deschamps has stated numerous times that felt his team could have done better but seemed to think that Ukraine received some special treatment from the referee.

"Opening the scoring gave them more strength and we made a mistake on the penalty''.

If France do not qualify for the 2014 World Cup competition it will big a massive shock as they have not failed to qualify since 1994.

Two other teams who were not expected to be seen in the play-offs, especially playing against each other were Portugal and Sweden. The two teams both feature a world class player in Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The first match which was played on the same day as the French took on Ukraine in the France soccer jerseys was won 1-0 by Portugal. The very skilled Cristiano Ronaldo was the man to score so they will go to Sweden's ground for the second leg with an advantage.

So out of four good teams, France, Ukraine, Sweden and Portugal, who all have some fantastic squad members, only two will be travelling to Brasil next year.

Do you think France can make a comeback from 2-0 during the second leg?

Will we be seeing the France soccer jerseys in next year's World Cup?

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