France Soccer JerseysThe World Cup qualifying games are a very important part of the World Cup competition and anything can happen.

Football teams that would be usually classed as the 'underdogs' get the chance to play a range of other soccer teams and sometimes the most unexpected teams can get through to the next stages.

People of all ages including young children will be tuning in to watch the World Cup soccer games in 2014.

In the run up to the competition you can get prepared with a range of football kits for kids, adults and even young infants.

The qualifying teams will be fully finalised ahead of the draw on December 6th.

Teams that will definitely take part in the World Cup include Brasil, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Columbia, Ecuador, Japan, Argentina and many more. Some won automatic qualification such as Germany and England who finished top of their group.

There are still some fixtures to play

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