After the months of build up and hype the 2014 FIFA World Cup is nearly over, and what a fantastic month of football we have been privileged to watch. This World Cup has been one of the most exciting to date with highs, lows, shock results and exits that Spain 2014 World Cup Home Shirthas kept the world on the edge of football fever pitch excitement. But, as the tournament draws to a close what happens to the specially designed 2014 World Cup soccer jerseys?

The current World Cup holders Spain exited the tournament in a shocking group stage failure. Their Spain 2014 World Cup home shirt was worn only once. Adidas the Spanish kit manufacturer was forced to design a new last minute 3rd kit for their 1st game against the Netherlands as their colors were said to clash too much. The home football shirt was worn against Chile and the away kit for their game against Australia. Does their early exit make this stylish shirt outdated?

A Spectator Sport 

The World Cup may be coming to a close, but few would argue that the show has been disappointing. In fact the 2014 FIFA World Cup has been one of if not the most entertaining to date. In the group stage more goals were scored per match than in any other previous World Cup. In only the first 4 games of the tournament 15 goals were scored making for some exciting matches.

No one will forget the Netherlands 5-1 thrashing of World Cup holders Spain in a hurry. This loss and their subsequent 2-0 loss over Chile effectively ended the hopes of the current champions and sent the Spain 2014 World Cup home shirt home early.

After the group stage with the early exit of Spain, Italy, Portugal and 13 other teams, and poor performances from Brazil and Argentina the tournament was thrown wide open. The knockout stage has been even more exciting. Of the 8 Last-16 games only 3 were settled in 90 minutes. Of those, the 2014 World Cup soccer jerseys of Holland and Mexico kept us on the edge of our seats. Mexico was leading until the final minutes, and then an 88th minute goal and 94th minute penalty sent Mexico home and kept the Netherlands in the tournament. Shocking, exciting and truly entertaining for fans worldwide.

Five of the Last-16 games needed an extra 30 minutes of game time, with 2 of the matches ending in exciting penalty shoot-outs. If nothing the standard of football, skill and determination of the teams has been magnificent if not tiring for the players. For the fans, it has been edge of the seat, non-stop action from the first kick-off to the final match.

We can't talk about entertainment without mentioning the semifinal match between Brazil and Germany. The host nation, with such high hopes of winning the trophy, was unceremoniously kicked out of the tournament by an unforgiving German side. After 39 years of undefeated competition football on home soil, the Germans swept away the hopes of Brazil in a 7-1 thrashing that is almost unprecedented. In fact no team has ever scored 5 goals in a single half in a World Cup semifinal until the Germans came along, and their goal scoring rampage equaled Brazil's biggest ever defeat against Uruguay of 6-0 back in 1920.

What of the 2014 Football Kits?

The big names of Brazil, Spain, Argentina and the like are not the only ones worth talking about. Lets not forget the strength of Columbia, deserving of a win against Brazil but missing out at the quarterfinal stage.

Costa Rica is another must mention. Their 2014 World Cup soccer jerseys were almost forgotten additions to the proceedings prior to kickoff. Buried in a group with 3 previous winning nations England, Italy and Uruguay, Costa Rica were almost certain to go home after the group stage. However, in a stunning display of well coordinated teamwork and skill the Costa Ricans made it to the quarterfinal. Only missing out at the last hurdle on penalties, following a tactical goalkeeper change by Louis van Gaal.

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The 2014 World Cup football shirts will not be put to bed and not used again. European teams have the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifiers to look forward to and these World Cup shirts will be the shirts used for those qualifying matches. Likewise, each continental zone has its own tournaments and friendly games to prepare for in which these iconic World Cup football kits will be used.

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