The 2014 2015 season so far has been a mix of the very good and the very disappointing for Galatasaray football fanatics. On one hand, the club has been mostly hanging around in the top three slots of the table standings for Turkey's Super Lig. On the Galatasaray Away Shirt 2014 - 2015other hand, the team bottomed out in the group stage of the 2014 2015 UEFA Champions League. In other words, you won't be seeing the Galatasaray football kit 2014 in European tournament fixtures for the remainder of this season.

Still, just because the autumn has brought a mixed bag of fortunes for Galatasaray SK, that doesn't mean that they can't have a great run in 2015. With that in mind, stop by the Soccer Box online store and check out our selection of gear for the Turkey-based football club. Whether you are looking for the striking red and yellow home kit or the more basic white Galatasaray away shirt 2014 2015, you can find the football kit or shirt for you at Soccer Box.

The Super Lig

The standings for the 2014 2015 Super Lig so far should be enough to convince you that buying a Galatasaray football kit 2014 and rooting for the squad might be a good decision. The team came in second place last year, with Fenerbahce handily taking the top slot. Galatasaray beat Fenerbache in a home fixture in October, though, suggesting that the soccer squad has what it takes to challenge the bestÂ… and win.

The issue with the Super Lig right now is that, while Galatasaray hasn't lost many soccer matches, the ones they have lost have been major, crushing defeats. Case-in-point was an October 26th away fixture against ?stanbul Ba?ak?ehir.

For that match against ?stanbul, players donned the Galatasaray away shirt 2014 2015 with confidence, assurance, and momentum on their side. They were riding a three-match winning streak in the division, and Istanbul-a team that had been promoted to the Turkey's top division after winning the 2013 2014 First League-didn't look like much of a challenge.

That assumption was quickly proven wrong. ?stanbul won the fixture 4-0, and the wearers of the 2014 Galatasaray away kit were left to reel from the defeat. Since then, the soccer club has picked itself up and won a slew of games. Another big away loss, though, (0-3, against Trabzonspor), proves that the squad is vulnerable.

The Champions League

That vulnerability has also been shown this fall in the early rounds of the 2014 2015 UEFA Champions League. Drawn into Group D along with Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, and Anderlecht, and tasked with battling for a spot in the tournament's knockout stages, the wearers of the Galatasaray football kit 2014 were simply unable to compete.

Indeed, the squad failed to win any of its group stage matches, and only forced a draw in one of them. That left five losses and only one point in the group standings-easily eliminating Galatasaray from the UCL, and robbing them of a chance to move onto the Europa tournament instead.

It didn't matter whether players were wearing the Galatasaray away shirt 2014 2015 or the vibrant home kit for the UCL matches. They suffered crushing losses both at home (a 0-4 defeat against Borussia Dortmund) and away (a 1-4 loss to Arsenal).

The defeats were surprising, not only given Galatasaray's solid performance so far in 2014 2015 domestic play, but also because the team performed quite well in last year's UCL tournament. The team bested Italian soccer champs Juventus for a place in the knockout phase, and mostly held their own against Chelsea in the round of 16.

To go from that run to five straight losses this year was not something that most analysts would have predicted-even if the squad was drawn into a very challenging group this time around.

In any case, European tournament play is over for the 2014 2015 Galatasaray club. Luckily, their campaign for a Turkish football title is still very much alive. You can support that campaign with a new Galatasaray football kit. Soccer Box has home and away versions of the club's shirt available.