Galatasaray SK had to settle for second place in the Turkish Super Lig last year, but could they reclaim the title for the 2014 2015 season? Based on the club's competitive position as 2015 gets underway, Galatasaray Home Shirt 2014 - 2015it's certainly a possibility. Not only is the squad currently sitting in third place in the Super Lig (and just one point off the lead), but they are also doing quite well so far in the Turkish Cup! Celebrate the recent successes by visiting Soccer Box today and checking out our Galatasaray store!

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The 2014 2015 Super Lig

Galatasaray SK opened 2015 in winning fashion, beating Be?ikta? in a 2-0 away fixture. It was their 11th win of the season, and brought them one step closer to usurping the top spot on the league standings table. What better time than now to visit Soccer Box's Galatasaray store?

Indeed, the win was a big moment for SK, since Be?ikta? is currently in second place in the 2014 2015 Super Lig. Galatasaray's win tied the two teams in terms of standings points, as they now both have the exact same season record: 11 wins, two draws, and three losses. Be?ikta? is still slightly ahead, thanks to goal difference, but that could all change in a single game.

Fenerbahçe, meanwhile-the 2013 2014 division champion-is currently in the lead, albeit slightly. The team has won 11 games, drawn three, and lost two, meaning they have one more point in the stands (36) than either Be?ikta? or Galatasaray. Again, though, that lead could disappear in a single fixture.

Because of Turkish Cup play, the next Super Lig fixtures won't be played for a few more weeks. When players again don the Galatasaray home shirt 2014 2015 again, though-for a Sunday, January 25th home game against Rizespor-they will have a mission to accomplish. And that mission will be winning the match decisively and taking the top slot in the league.

The Rizespor Fixture

The Rizespor game will be a high stakes event for SK, simply because both Be?ikta? and Fenerbahçe will be looking to stake a firm claim on the number one Super Lig spot. And if Galatasaray is going to have a hope at taking the lead, they will have to break the trend of their recent games against Rizespor.

On one hand, Rizespor should be an easy opponent. The club is currently in third to last place on the division standings table, and is in risk of relegation for the season. On the other hand, both of the games the teams played against one another during the 2013 2014 Super Lig finished in 1-1 draws. They have not yet met in 2014 2015.

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The Turkish Cup

Not all of Turkey's football action right now is sequestered to the country's premier football league. On the contrary, group stage play is currently underway for the 2014 2015 Turkish Cup, and the proceedings have been quite exciting so far.

Galatasaray were the Cup champions in 2014, and from the looks of early play, they could be headed toward another title in 2015. In the group stage, they've been unstoppable so far, whether their players were wearing the Galatasaray home shirt 2014 2015 or the Nike away shirt. From a 4-2 home win against Eski?ehirspor, to a remarkable 9-1 away victory over Balçova, Galatasaray looks like a Cup-winning football squad in the making.

Clearly, this Turkey football team is in great competitive positions as 2015. Celebrate their success and promise by visiting Soccer Box's Galatasaray store today and picking up a new home football shirt.