But not so fast, Germany fans. This year's group stage could be one of the most difficult ever faced by the three-time World Cup champions, and that fact is driving anticipation up to a fever pitch for the first matches of the tournament in mid-June. In fact, Soccer Box's Germany store has been booming more than usual lately, with products like the Germany boys 2014 FIFA World Cup home jersey from Adidas selling like hot cakes.

Germany Home Kit

The Group of Death

In any other year, Germany's number 2 FIFA world ranking would more or less earn the team a free pass at least into the round of 16 of the World Cup, if not further. This year, though, with four good to great teams facing off in Germany's group, any outcome is possible.

The Germany home kit will make its 2014 World Cup debut in a June 16 match against Portugal, a team that is currently ranked at number 3 in the world by FIFA. Considering the two teams' similarly high seedings, this match will likely be the most anticipated of the entire group stage, as the outcome could greatly influence the tenor of the rest of the tournament.

Both teams have been drawn into Group G, which is also being referred to fondly and excitedly by fans as "the Group of Death." That's because all four of the teams in the group Germany, Portugal, United States, and Ghana showed enough strength in 2010 to make it beyond the group stage. No matter what happens, this year's outcome will not be the same: two of these teams are going home after the first round.

Which two teams will continue, however, and which will be eliminated is hard to say. Germany certainly has an advantage, as it is the only team with any World Cup titles under its belt. The team has also proven itself a contender repeatedly over the course of football history (including its title years, Germany has made it to the World Cup semifinals or further on 12 occasions). Finally, Germany has earned the home field position for two of its three group stage games, meaning young fans will want to have their Germany boys home jersey to cheer the team on.

Most bets will point to Ghana and the United States to being the teams that will bear the unlucky consequences of being a part of the so-called "Group of Death," but neither can be written off completely. Ghana is a wildcard team that has beaten seemingly superior squads at previous World Cups, while the United States team has been working with German legend Jurgen Klinsmann.

The game between Germany and the United States will be particularly interesting, as it will bring Klinsmann up against a team that he was once a part of. Playing for West Germany in 1990, Klinsmann was actually a part of Germany's last World Cup victory. Furthermore, the USA game is the only group stage match where Germany won't be playing as the home team, so fans will want to be sure to pack away kits along with their Germany boys 2014 FIFA World Cup home jersey.

Do you have faith that Germany's number 2 seeding will carry the football team through the Group of Death and into the later rounds? We will get a lot of answers come mid-June, but for now, German fans should make sure they have the gear they need to cheer on their team. Soccer Box has a full array of Germany home kit options (as well as other jerseys).